Saturday 17 May 2014

Woolly & Tig Activity Books review

Some products that arrive at The Madhouse for review are a victim of their own success. Such was the case for this fabulous selection of Woolly & Tig activity books that we received to review earlier in the year. I have a system in place so that when things arrive for the blog, I put them in a wicker hamper - my "to be reviewed" box - while I'm waiting to review them so that they're at hand for taking photos or checking on-pack info when I'm writing the review. 

 In this case, that system failed because the sneaky Madhouse Mini-testers found them and couldn't resist having a go - I discovered them when having a tidy-up in Pierre's room yesterday and said "oops" ! I couldn't be cross though - they were off school with a tummy bug - so I decided it was a case of better late than never and decided to review them now - apologies to the publishers for the delay !

If you don't know Woolly & Tig (and I can only assume you don't have a toddler in the house !), the series follows a little girl, Tig, and her cuddly toy spider, Woolly, who accompanies her on her different adventures and reassures her when she gets a bit scared about new situations or things that look scary. (Pierre still loves the storybook where she is scared of the dark and the weird shadows that everything makes on her ceiling, with Woolly showing her there's nothing to be scared of by making a big spider-shaped shadow on the ceiling which scares her mum and dad !) The series targets pre-schoolers but, as you can see, it appeals to big sisters too !

The activity books are all great fun, with loads of stickers to pull out and stick on the different pages, as well as some extras to decorate your bedroom, lunchbox or whatever else you fancy - at one point, Pierre even tried sticking one on the dog ! She didn't seem to mind, luckily ! (Pierre wants me to point out that these are old photos and he's a big boy now who doesn't use a dummy any more !)

It's not just about having fun though, the activities will also put your little learners through their paces, practising their writing, observation, logic and simple maths skills.

The wipe clean activity book lets the fun (and learning) keep on going for even longer because you can rub it all out and start again when you've finished !

Pierre has been doing many of the activities all by himself, while I've been busy with dinner or the laundry, and he's done really well, understanding exactly what was required, which shows how well they're designed.

I was very impressed with his colouring and drawing on this page, and it looks like his very own Woolly agrees with me too !

Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

Disclosure : I received the books in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Activity books are awesome, aren't they! I wish they made ones for grown ups to do too as I'd spend hours on one, I think! Thank you for linking up with #KidsCorner!

  2. They look fab! Hannah loves wooly and tig. Her birthday is later in the month and at those prices I think I'll get her some for sure! Great post x


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