Tuesday 13 May 2014

Tesco Chilled Ingredients review

Last month, Tesco's launched a new chilled range of butters, melts and marinades, designed to "lift any mealtime from ordinary to something special". They sent us through a voucher to stock up and try them out.

The first thing I tried was the dual-pot Marinades, including this Tandoori Style Yogurt Marinade which I reviewed here. You get a pot of spicy paste to marinate your meat, plus a pot of Greek-style yogurt to add during cooking.

Here's the quick and simple but very tasty Tandoori Chicken that I knocked up in a matter of minutes, making it perfect for a quick, fuss-free midweek meal.

Next, I moved on to the melts, which are great for stuffing vegetables like Portobello mushrooms or peppers. I had other ideas though - I wanted to make something Chicken Kiev-inspired.

I simply folded a chicken fillet around one of the melts then wrapped it in bacon.

Off to the oven and that was all I needed to do for a tasty lunch. I made two varieties using the Three Cheese melts and the Bacon, Caramelised Onion & Blue Cheese Melts, both of which got the Madhouse seal of approval.

The flavoured butters are great for plopping on to a juicy steak after serving or for putting onto plain rice, boiled potatoes, vegetables or pasta to jazz them up a bit. There are several flavours to choose from -  Basil, Parmesan & Tomato, Lime, Coriander & Chilli or Roast Garlic & Herb. These are also perfect for adding to stirfied meat, fish or seafood to add extra flavour.

The final product that we tried were these pots of topping.

The little pots are great for adding crunch and flavour to all manner of dishes, from pizza and fish pie to macaroni cheese and baked potatoes. You could also sprinkle them on chicken or fish before popping them under the grill.

I sprinkled some on top of my Vegetarian Courgette and Potato Layered Casserole which was the perfect finishing touch.

I was really impressed with the whole range because they're a great short-cut when you're short on time but don't want to reach for a frozen ready meal. The complete range is as follows :

 Basil, Parmesan & Tomato Butter 4Pk £1.25 or 2 for £2
Lime Coriander & Chilli Butter 4pk £1.25 or 2 for £2
 Roast Garlic & Herb Butter 4pk £1.25 or 2 for £2
Three Cheese Filling Melt 2pk £1.25 or 2 for £2
Bacon Caramel Onion & Blue Cheese Melt 2pk £1.25 or 2 for £2
Sundried Tomato & Basil Feta Melt 2pk £1.25 or 2 for £2
Cheesy Italian Herb & Garlic Topping £1.25 or 2 for £2
Cheesy Spanish Chorizo & Smoked Paprika Topping £1.25 or 2 for £2
 Fajita Cooking Sauce 220g £1.50 or 2 for £2
Stroganoff Cooking Sauce 200g £1.50 or 2 for £2
 Tandoori Style Yogurt Marinade 200g £1.50 or 2 for £2
 Greek style Yogurt Marinade 200g £1.50 or 2 for £2
Middle Eastern Style Yogurt Marinade 200g £1.50 or 2 for £2

star rating : 5/5

RRP : currently 2 for £2 across the range

Disclosure : We received a voucher in order to try out the range and write an honest review.

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