Thursday, 1 May 2014

Tesco Ingredients Tandoori Style Yogurt Marinade review

We've been trying out some of Tesco's chilled ingredients - I'll be telling you about the whole range very soon when we've tried out everything we have - and this week we discovered the Tandoori  Style Yogurt Marinade. The packs contain two pots, a Tandoori paste and some yogurt.

The on pack instructions suggest using this to marinade raw chicken before threading it onto skewers and grilling it on a barbecue or in the oven. I had some leftover cooked chicken from the Sunday roast to use up though so I cooked up a couple of onions, added the chopped chicken and stirred in the tandoori paste.

When the chicken was thoroughly warmed through, I poured in the contents of the yogurt pot and within a few minutes, I had tasty tandoori-style chicken ready to serve.

The yogurt takes the heat out of the tandoori paste so the result is quite mild. Even if I didn't leave the meat to marinade, the dish was packed with flavour.

This is a great way of jazzing up your leftovers, reducing food waste and also saving you some pennies. Our Sunday roast this week has created five meals. We had friends over for lunch so cooked two chickens with roast baby potatoes and veg. After picking the carcasses clean, I used some of the leftover meat to create Japchae and the rest with this tandoori style marinade. The carcasses went into a pot to make a fabulous Chicken & Vegetable Soup which was enough for two meals. How's that for frugal cooking?!

The Tandoori  Style Yogurt Marinade is actually lower on the calories than I expected - half a pot contains 94 calories and 4.8g of fat, of which 1.6g saturates - so it's a lighter option than many curry sauces. The whole range is currently on 2 for £2 which is great value too.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : 2 for £2 (normally £1.50)

Disclosure : We received a selection of products, in order to write an honest review.

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