Thursday, 1 May 2014

How to get the kids in on the spring cleaning !

Spring has sprung which means spring cleaning is definitely on the cards. To mark the occasion, Swiffer sent us a box full of dusters to tidy up the Madhouse and share with our friends and family.

That's a LOT of dusters !

Our mission was to test the XXL duster which has a handle that is 90cm long, making it ideal for getting into those hard to reach areas like the corners of the ceiling, behind the TV or right under the bed.

I never think Swiffer dusters look very impressive when I take them out of the box and I'm always a bit dubious about how well they will work - until I actually start using them that is. You need to give them a quick shake to separate the different layers and let the Swiffer magic begin !

The handle just slides into the slots on the back of the duster and you're ready to start.

Now this is where I made an incredible - in fact, I'd almost go so far as to say life-changing ! - discovery. The kids think that using the Swiffers are great fun and beg to have a go !

Pierre dusted off the TV while Juliette ran around picking up the dust bunnies lurking behind various doors.

They almost had a stand-up fight over who'd get to dust the mirror ! I pointed out that there was no need to fight, I could find a million places for them clean !

Pierre decided to go crawling under the beds on a dust-bunny hunt and proudly came back to show the results of all his hard work. Yuck !

They decided to have a competition and see who could get the most, then had great fun going outside to shake out the dust, hair (of the human and dog variety) and fluff ! I love the fact that it grabs all the dust like a magnet, locking it in rather than sending it flying around the room, which is what happens with a normal duster. It's all down to the unique multilayer system and the long curly fibres within each layer, covered in mineral oil to grab hold of the dust, apparently.

Meanwhile Sophie tried out the XXL model, tackling the cobwebs in the corners that I hadn't been able to reach with my usual cleaning supplies.

It's great for reaching behind furniture or anywhere that's inaccessible.

It's an amazing product that gets top marks from me, not just because it's so effective at getting rid of dust and hair but also because it makes the kids enjoy helping with the housework !

I've just translated this from a review on my French blog and it appears you can't get Swiffers in England any more ? I'm sure I used to buy them there ?!

star rating : 5/5

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review and pass on samples to friends.

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