Tuesday 13 May 2014

Radox Fresh & Fruity Shower Gels review

Radox recently sent us through some of their products to try out, two new fruity shower gels - Mango Mayhem and Passion Fruit Splash - to join their Fresh & Fruity range, as well as a bottle of Muscle Therapy bath soak. The first thing that we all said was that the bright colours look great on the bathroom shelf while they're waiting to be used.

The big red bottle of Muscle Therapy is one that we have reviewed before - click through to read my original review. It contains a surprising mix of ingredients including ginseng and black pepper, designed to help soothe and revive tired muscles. We all went to watch a big bike race at the weekend and Sophie and Madhouse Daddy joined in with the public pre-race, cycling an impressive 25km, so they both tried out the Muscle Therapy bath soak afterwards to recover. I'm not sure if it was the hot water or the Muscle Therapy but they said it definitely did the trick. If we end up doing any more mammoth geocaching treks through the dunes, I'll definitely be soaking in a hot tub filled with Muscle Therapy too. This goes back to the original idea behind Radox - I remember my mum and dad always having a box of Radox bath salts on the side of the bath to ease their aching joints after overdoing the gardening !

The ones I was most excited about were the fruity ones though, not least because the bottles look very similar in design to the Original Source ones which I also love. Radox claim that Passion Fruit Splash and Mango Mayhem are perfect for helping you kickstart your morning with a refreshing burst of exotic energy as the tantalising scents of passion fruit and fresh mango whisk you to a tropical paradise. They're spot on - the zesty, feel-good fragrances are a great wake up call, but I also love them for perking me up in the evening when I'm flagging after a long day at work.

I love zingy citrus fragrances in my shower gels and Radox have sneaked some lovely citrus notes in with their tropical fragrances - tangerine oil is added to the passion fruit one and grapefruit oil is blended with the mango juice. Both got a thumbs up from me, but I would have liked an even bigger, brasher scent to really wake up my senses.

Mango Mayhem and Passion Fruit Splash join the rest of the Fresh & Fruity range, alongside Coconut Kiss, Cherry Blast and Berry Burst. They won't count towards your five-a-day but they will put a smile on your face when you step into the shower !

star rating 4.5/5

RRP : £2.31 for Muscle Therapy, £2.15 for Fresh & Fruity

for more information : www.radox.co.uk

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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