Friday 10 July 2015

Madhouse diaries : Swinging and geocaching !

The first week of the summer holidays is drawing to a close and yesterday was the first nice sunny day so we just had to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

A few new geocaches had been placed a few kilometres away so we went for a wander ... which ended up being a 16km wander, oops ! 

 The first cache was just next to this interesting (not to mention extra terrestrial) floral display !

After failing to find the second one, we headed to one of our favourite parks which was nearby(ish !). After a year of geocaching, we finally got our first FTF (first to find) - that means we were the first people to find this particular cache !

We found another one in a tree but Sophie pulled this face because we noticed a big spiders' nest just next to it !

Wow, I actually got a photo of Sophie without her pulling a silly face !

We finished off at the play area - Pierre is too big for the toddler swing really but the girls wanted the bigger swings !

"Look Mum, I'm sweeping the floor !" Hmmmm.

A rare photo of Juliette smiling at the camera too - she usually runs away when she sees me zooming in on her !

Now this photo made me laugh because it looks just like Sophie is falling off the swing ! She wasn't, she was just putting her head back so she was upside down !

Anything you can do, I can do better !

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. How lovely to be out of school for summer. Still another 2 weeks to go here. 16 km is quite a trek but worth it to discover your first first geocache and lovely the play after. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. Looks like they had fun on the swings! Well done on being the first to find the geocache. I need to get a GPS or at the very least a phone with GPS! :) x

    1. Have you got a smartphone? If so, the geocaching app sorts it all out for you :)

  3. Sounds like a fun day - and with 16km walking you'll have earned a lazy day another time! I'm new to geocaching and still feel really self concious when we go looking for them - you do get some funny looks! LincsGeek found one the other day but the log was full so he put a comment on the cache in the app but the cache owner deleted it! I don't think we quite understand it properly yet.

    1. Are you on I'll add you as a friend :) I don't use the app, I use the website so I don't know if they're the same. Have you been looking at urban caches or more in the country? The urban ones do have lots of people watching what you do so it can be a bit off-putting but I have the advantage of sending the kids to look under seats or peer in cracks in the walls !! lol


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