Friday 17 July 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 17/7/15

Following on from an online discussion with an American friend and a trawl through a few lovely US blogs, this week's menu plan has a distinctly American theme - and there's not a burger or BBQ chicken wing in sight !


lunch - chicken parmesan with rice and spaghetti sauce

dinner - macaroni cheese (or mac & cheese, as we're being American this week !)


lunch - either a roast or a bbq

dinner - leftovers or a sandwich


lunch - homemade Rice-a-roni with steak & veg

dinner - Vietnamese chicken salad


lunch - homemade chicken nuggets with potato wedges and coleslaw

dinner - pot roast (or Zharkoye - a Russian dish that sounds similar and fits in with the #readcookeat challenge)


lunch - there's probably a fridge full of leftovers by now !

dinner - Brunswick stew


lunch - meatloaf with mash

dinner - big mixed salad with ranch dressing


lunch - chicken cordon bleu with pasta

dinner - croissants stuffed with bacon, mushrooms and cheese with cherry tomato salad

extras (bookmarked recipes, they won't all get made this week!) :

cinammon rolls
honey bread
coconut pancakes
chocolate fondant
overnight oats
rainbow heart cookies
Nutella stuffed choc chip cookies

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