Thursday 23 July 2015

Alpen Great Blogger Breakfast Off : Breakfast Cheesecake

Amanda Holden and Alpen are encouraging the nation to try something new. For more information or to see Amanda's tips to start the day differently, visit and see Alpen's new TV ad featuring Amanda on screens now. 

Alpen recently invited me along to a Great Blogger Breakfast Off event, a challenge to create an interesting, fun, creative breakfast using Alpen and additional ingredients that would be judged by Amanda Holden. Sadly I couldn't make it but they sent me a selection of their mueslis so that I could have a go at home. I had the choice between Original, No Added Sugar and Apple & Raspberry, which is the one I opted to use for my breakfast cheesecake.

Breakfast Cheesecake


60g Apple & Raspberry Alpen 
60g crushed digestive biscuits (4 biscuits)
30g butter
2 tbsp maple syrup (or golden syrup)
250g marscapone
125g peach yogurt (1 small pot)
30g sugar
1 nectarine

Crush the digestive biscuits and add the crumbs to the Alpen.

Melt the butter in the microwave and stir it, along with the maple syrup, into the Alpen mixture.

Press the mixture into five individual ramekins (or you could make one big one if you prefer).

Put the marscapone in a bowl (you can use the same one to save on washing up !) and mix in the yogurt and sugar. Spoon into the ramekins.

Find a small child to lick out the bowl !

Dice the nectarine and scatter on top of each ramekin.

Finish off with a sprinkling of Alpen on top.

These only take a few minutes to put together so they could be made at breakfast time, or you can make them the night before and keep them in the fridge. They're lovely as dessert too.

Disclosure : I received some Alpen in order to take part in the challenge.

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  1. Fantastic cheesecake recipe, I'll be trying this one out.

  2. You had me at cheesecake - I love it! This sounds gorgeous & a healthy version too. Thanks so much for linking up with #foodpornthrusdays


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