Sunday 26 July 2015

How clean is your BBQ?

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I think most of us are aware that meat needs to be cooked thoroughly for it to be safe to eat and that we mustn't use the same chopping boards and knives for using raw and cooked meats, but some of these statistics are still quite scary. I had no idea that E. coli can survive on BBQ implements for up to a month or that 50% of chicken contains campylobacter bacteria - yuck ! I do know that some people wash their chicken (I never have and can't see the point) and that this tends to spray the bacteria all over the kitchen. Nice !

Working with Dettol, Dr Lisa Ackerley has come up with some top tips for safe and hygienic entertaining this barbecue season.


It is important to avoid using dishcloths to clean where possible, as new research has revealed nine out of ten are ‘heavily contaminated’ with bacteria such as E.coli. Make sure surfaces are hygienically clean and grease free by using Dettol Power & Pure Advance Kitchen Spray & Wipes - the Active Oxygen formula breaks down to water and oxygen leaving no harsh chemical residue, and kills 99.9% of bacteria which could contaminate barbecue shelves, garden tables and other surrounding surfaces.

Almost half of frequently touched items and surfaces are contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, therefore it is essential that guests wash their hands when eating or handling food. Use an anti-bacterial hand wash like Dettol Anti-bacterial No Touch Hand Wash with E45 which kills 99.9% of bacteria whilst keeping hands feeling soft and replenished.

Studies have found that E.coli can survive for over 28 days on stainless steel surfaces such as cooking utensils so it is important to keep them thoroughly clean. Remember to think about using separate tongs, cutlery and utensils when handling cooked and uncooked meat to prevent cross contamination between equipment.

Not much risk of getting ill from the barbecue today - it's pouring hard as I write this !

Disclosure : Infographic provided by Dettol, who will be sending me some of their products to keep our BBQ parties germ-free over the summer !


  1. Some good tips there, we were meant to be having a BBQ this weekend but it's been rained off.

  2. campylobactor is naturally inside wild birds so just being outside at the barbacue and touching fences , ponds, bird baths and even gardening can pick up campylobactor from bird droppings and transfer to your mouth whilst eating or in the case of children just putting their hands in their mouths so washing hands before eating your barbacue is really important


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