Sunday 12 July 2015

Madhouse diaries : Life's a beach !

On Friday, it was a beautiful day and Madhouse Daddy couldn't get home for lunch, so we packed up a picnic and headed to the beach. The only tiny square of shade that we could find was next to the play area so we settled down on our towels and ate our sandwiches.

After peeling off our shoes and socks and slapping on the suncream, Pierre and Juliette were off !

They only went as far as the shallow channel of water halfway up the beach but they came running back excitedly saying that there were little fish in the water !

Look at the gorgeous blue sky - who needs to go on holiday to exotic climes ?!

I was really pleased with how the photos came out actually because I was sure their faces were in shadow.

Juliette's definitely getting less camera shy !

I headed over to the relaxation area on the prom with Sophie where they'd laid out deckchairs and beanbags but sadly no parasols. Sophie was doing her teen thing of not wanting to take off her denim jacket despite the heat !

Pierre and Juliette soon came running up the beach to join us.

There was a little area like a football goal set up for playing urban golf.

Pierre and Juliette both had a go.

By this time, we were starting to melt so we headed off for refreshments.

You can't beat slurping on frozen slushies to beat the heat.

We did all get brain freeze though !

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