Friday 24 July 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 24/7/15

As it's the holidays, plans change at a minute's notice and we may head out for an impromptu picnic or two but it's good to have a rough plan all the same. I'll also be winding down the fridge and freezer before heading off on holiday.


lunch - steak, rice & corn on the cob

dinner - Gado Gado - an Indonesian salad with potatoes


lunch - either a roast or a bbq

dinner - leftovers or a sandwich


lunch - chopped leftover cooked meat with pasta, cherry tomatoes & mushrooms

dinner - ayam areh - Indonesian chicken & rice


lunch - tuna fish cakes with cheesy mash

dinner - Zharkoye - a Russian dish that fits in with the #readcookeat challenge


lunch - chicken fajitas

dinner - lasagne


lunch - chicken with a jar of sauce of some description (#kitchenclearout !) with rice & stir-fried veg

dinner - quiche & salad


lunch - fishfingers, chips & beans

dinner - homemade spring rolls and/or samosas

extras (bookmarked recipes, they won't all get made this week!) :

biscuit cake
carrot tarte tatin
Greek pita bread
cinammon rolls
honey bread
coconut pancakes
chocolate fondant
overnight oats
rainbow heart cookies
Nutella stuffed choc chip cookies

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