Friday 3 July 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 3/7/15

And we've made it ! School is out for the summer ! We're now all (apart from Madhouse Daddy) on holiday until 31st August so it's on to double menu planning with lunches as well as evening meals to organise. Sounds like the perfect time to crank up the #KitchenClearout ! I also need to go through the past few menu plans to see what didn't get made, due to an excess of leftovers to use up or lack of time/energy because of the heat, so you're not going mad if you see things repeated !


lunch - either McDonald's or homemade hamburgers - as I have beetroot to finish in the fridge, I fancy trying a Kiwi Burger, with added beetroot, egg and cheese - sounds strange but I'll try anything once !

dinner - Chorizo, egg & pepper tarts with salad


lunch - either a roast or a bbq

dinner - leftovers or a sandwich


lunch - probably leftovers - if not, fishfingers, mash & veg

dinner - Shipsu Pasta - a #readcookeat recipe involving chicken, walnuts and possibly pomegranate


lunch - Pork & Pineapple, peppers & cashews with noodles

dinneronion tartlets with root veg mash & beans


lunch -  Turkish flatbread and fish fritters with salad and rice

dinnerspring samosas & spring rolls


lunch - chicken fillets with a seasoning sachet & pasta

dinner - I found this recipe for Panch Phoron Roasted Potatoes which sounds like it should go nicely  with grilled salmon, topped with lime juice and garlic salt


lunch - marinaded steak & chips with peas & onion rings

dinner - toasted sandwich or flatbread pizza

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Meal Planning Monday

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  1. That's too awesome! everything planned, no problems during the week.. AWESOME!

  2. Those roast potatoes do sound really good and a good accompaniment for salmon like you say! Chorizo, egg and pepper tarts sound like a winner too. Did you have homemade burgers? I hate McDonalds so I would deffo of gone with your homemade ones and beetroot with them sounds good to me, I love beetroot! ;)

    Have a great week and enjoy the holidays! :D


    1. We did - and they were rather nice ! All recipes to follow :)

  3. Did you end up going for the BBQ or Roast yesterday? Here we would have been needing armbands for a BBQ, but hopeful that this weekend allows us to have one! #mealplanningmonday

    1. We had a huge storm and torrential downpour right on dinnertime so luckily we'd gone for a roast !

  4. Gosh you are organised with your lunches as well. Sounds like a yummy week though, some unusual meals on there. I love to try new and exciting dishes.

    1. I'm a total globecooking addict - always on the lookout for exotic recipes to try out :)

  5. You are so organised! Everything sounds fab! Enjoy the holidays! We have a couple of weeks left of term :D x


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