Wednesday 29 July 2015

The CBeebies Furchester Hotel magazine has launched today (review)

The BBC's newest CBeebies magazine has just hit the shelves today and Pierre was delighted to get the first issue to check out. It features popular show The Furchester Hotel but even if you and your little ones haven't seen the programme before, you and they are bound to recognise some of the familiar faces including Elmo and the Cookie Monster.

If you're already rolling your eyes thinking that your little one will be hanging off your leg every time you push the trolley past the magazine aisle in the supermarket, rest assured - there's a new issue out every four weeks, so your wallet will get a rest in between ! It costs £2.75 and is actually quite good value, when you look at the content.

Each issue contains lots of puzzles and colouring pages, as well as two stories and the ever-popular sticker activities (with 60 stickers in this issue). It also has a 6-page activity book and this month's magazine (and, I would guess, every issue) comes with a fun free gift - this time it's a Make Your Own Portraits kit which looks great fun and much better than the plastic tat that many magazines come with ! (You also get a kids-go-free voucher for Sea Life centres too, which could be a great money saver if you had a trip on the cards already.)

What I always love about CBeebies magazines is that they support the Early Years Curriculum so, while your pre-schooler is having fun completing the pages, they are actually practising their simple maths, writing, observation and problem-solving skills without even realising it. Genius !

It's full of bright colours, cute characters and simple tasks that Pierre proudly managed to complete with very little input from me - writing over letters, completing mazes and finding the right pages for the stickers because they are clearly marked on the sticker sheet all made him feel very independent and clever ! The story time pages and more complex instructions (finding out what you need to draw in the white box, for example) do offer some lovely quality parent-child time though too.

If you like the look of the new Furchester Hotel magazine, make sure you head over to the UKMums.TV website which has gone Furchester crazy this week. They have a competition with ten annual subscriptions for the magazine up for grabs, as well as more Furchester themed activities and features over the next two weeks.

Disclosure : I received a copy of the new magazine in order to write an honest review, as well as a subscription as a thank you.

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