Friday 31 July 2015

Clean floors in a Flash ! (review)

"Let the sunshine, let the sunshine, The sunshine in ..."

That's what I always want to start singing as soon as I lay eyes on the vibrant yellow Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner that I received for a recent Savvy Circle project. Its gorgeous lemon fragrance and amazingly yellow colour always put me in a good mood and make the cleaning seem slightly less of a chore. And that's before it starts cleaning away the grease and grime with minimum effort. Win-win !

One of the features that I love the most is the clever cut-off self-dosing cap which dispenses just the right amount of product, avoiding spillages, heavy-handed wastage or wasting time measuring out the right dose. In this photo, I applied it directly to the floor then washed over the top with a wet floor cloth, but you can also dilute it and use it with a mop and bucket. Either technique results in a clean floor and a lovely fresh fragrance that permeates the whole house. I prefer the direct application method when I just need a quick clean up of muddy paw prints and/or footprints on a specific area but using a bucket menas that I can finish off by throwing the dirty water down the toilet which results in a nice clean toilet with zero effort too. Bonus !

It can also be used undiluted with a damp washing up sponge on the worktops and sink or even the bath - anywhere you like really as it's a multi-surface cleaner. It's great at getting dried-on toothpaste and soap scum off the bathroom sink. I like the idea of using the same product throughout the whole house because it saves time (no need to keep switching products) and avoids clashing fragrances, as well as taking up less space in the cleaning cupboard.

Above all, it really works though because it's very concentrated - it is apparently 2.5 times more powerful than regular dilute Flash lemon. I absolutely love the zingy lemon fragrance but I may be tempted to try the other fragrances too because they sound nice as well : Cotton, Blossom & Breeze, New Zealand Springs. I'm particularly intrigued by the last one.

star rating : 4.5/5

Disclosure : I received a kit from Savvy Circle with products, samples and money-off vouchers to share in order to spread the word about the product and give and collect honest fedback.

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