Monday 20 July 2015

Wish you weren't here?! (Holiday Heaven or Hell Blogger Competition)

A Holiday Heaven or Hell Competition?
I love blogger comps so now I'm on a mission
I decided to put together this little ditty
To show how our resort was ever so sh ...oddy !

The cases are packed, the hotel reserved
Two weeks in the sun are definitely well deserved
Time to relax somewhere sunny and hot
The holiday of your dreams ... or maybe not !

Our holiday hell took place in in Turkey
On arrival the plunge pool looked decidedly murky
The truth of the matter made us feel woozy
The jacuzzi had turned into a ja-poo-zi !

So what was the cause of someone's dodgy belly?
The stream down the beach that was horribly smelly?
The baby's bed that was covered in poo?
Would we spend all our time stuck in the loo?

The hygiene was dodgy, the safety was too
Part of the baby's bed broken in two
We asked for a new one - "we no have more"
What's up now? "Mum, look at the bathroom door!"

Going to the bathroom to wash off the sand
Half of the door-frame came off in her hand
The wood was very chunky - heavy and solid
I've never seen a hotel room look so squalid

Huge cracks down the wall were filled up with glue
Next to streaks that we hoped were water, not poo
Would the holiday rep save the day ?
Err ... she hadn't been to the hotel since May !

So not there to help us nor sell us the trips
No aqua parks, heritage sites or pirate ships
The entertainment on site was all in Russian or German
The only good thing was the lack of cockroaches and vermin !

We enjoyed the sunsets and had fun in the pool
It was better than being at work or at school
But for the first time ever, two weeks was too long
All that excitement for things to go wrong

When we got home, it was time to complain
We sent emails with photos to share our pain
The travel agent replied with a kick in the teeth
For our pains, we could have £15 back - good grief !

But even if our holiday wasn't as planned
It didn't stop us wanting to visit this sunny land
We've since been to Turkey on two more occasions
And both times we had heavenly vacations !

Disclosure : This is my entry in the Ocean Heaven or Hell Blogger Competition.


  1. Great ditty Cheryl, good luck with the competition!

  2. Ha ha love it ;)
    (except all the poo!!)

    1. Hmm I can laugh about it now but at the time, we were pretty fed up !

  3. Oh boy - what a nightmare. But a brilliant poem!!!!

    1. Thanks Di - I'm glad we can laugh about it now !


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