Saturday 25 July 2015

Chippa's Gluten-Free Condiments review

When I think about the changes that would need to be made for a gluten-free diet, I automatically think of bread, cake, pasta, cereal and other flour-based products. I wouldn't instantly think of ketchup or mayonnaise but it turns out that there's more to a Coeliac lifestyle than meets the eye.

Chippa have just launched the nation’s first gluten and dairy free range of sauces so that summer foodies living with food intolerances can enjoy sauce covered burgers, chips and sausages to their heart's content !

The range includes May-O, Tomato Sauce, Brown Sauce, Salad Cream, Sweet Chilli, Worcestershire Sauce and BBQ Sauce. We received three of the products to try out and they all got the Madhouse seal of approval. The kids have been squirting ketchup on the sides of their plates without noticing any difference whatsoever (I should point out that we usually buy supermarket own brand ketchup rather than the big name brands) and the grown-ups liked the brown sauce, even if the kids weren't keen on the spicy taste. The May-O is nice but reminds me more of the texture and even taste of salad cream (I'd be intrigued to compare it with their salad cream). It's nice spread in sandwiches or squirted on salad but doesn't have the thick, fluffy texture you might expect from a mayonnaise. It is dairy and egg free, as well as gluten free though, which probably explains the runnier texture.

Overall we were impressed. The ketchup and brown sauce can be replaced without noticing any difference. The may-o is unlike our regular creamy mayonnaise but isn't unpleasant, just different. They're definitely worth giving a go if you're looking for gluten-free options.

star rating : 4/5

RRP: From £1.29

Available in Sainsbury's

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. I saw these in Morrisons the other day and wondered if they were worth the money. I think I will try them!

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  3. I suspect the take-up of the different sauces will vary. In the case of the brown sauce Chippa are pushing at an open door because all the equivalent products from the major brands contain gluten. The same will be true of their Worcestershire sauce where the market leader Lea and Perrins isn't gluten-free. But with the tomato ketchup Chippa face the problem that several of their major competitors, notably Heinz, the market leader, don't have gluten in their product

    1. That's interesting - I suppose for peace of mind, people who want to just grab something off a shelf without checking labels ight prefer to know the whole brand is gluten-free


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