Tuesday 28 July 2015

#KitchenClearout store cupboard hacks

The #KitchenClearout linkie has really taken off this month - it seems that we're all busy looking through our kitchen cupboards for half-used packets and jars that we can use up in interesting and tasty ways ! These recipes landed in my inbox this week and they look like great #KitchenClearout ideas too.


Complaining when it is too hot, then moaning when it’s suddenly back to the grey and the rain – these are great British traditions. For many years this has been the British approach to summer - it is never quite what we expect. In honour of this, we have rounded up some Great British Summer recipes that use kitchen cupboard favourites in ways as unexpected as a sudden shower…

Summer salad dressing with a difference

Bringing together salty with sweet, mellow with tangy to create a culinary contrast is now a well-established gastronomic trick. The best thing about it is that it’s so simple to achieve, just like this salad dressing recipe by Lyon’s Golden Syrup. We’ve been stocking our cupboards with Golden Syrup for over 130 years but resourceful Brits can always find a new way to use old favourites!

For this and other Lyons Golden Syrup recipes visit: http://www.lylesgoldensyrup.com/recipe/tangy-salad-dressing/

Sweet summer ice cream with a twist : Horlicks Ice Cream

The recipe, created by Paul Harley, is the perfect blending of refreshing raspberries with smooth oats– and malty Horlicks, for a summer dessert with a twist. Adding Horlicks to ice-cream might be a novel idea but Horlicks itself is older than your nan; at over 140 years old it is even older than the teabag!

For this and other Horlicks recipes visit: http://www.horlicks.co.uk/recipes/desserts/ice-cream

Sunny Sunday brunch

Whilst the fry up remains a popular British classic, a feast for lazy sun-drenched weekends, breakfast foods have diversified in recent years. Perfect for a Sunday brunch, this is a different approach to a poached egg – topping crumpets off with Marmite and mushrooms! You might never have used Marmite like this before, even though it has been around for over 110 years!

For this and other Marmite recipes visit: http://www.marmite.co.uk/marmite-poached-egg

Hands up if you're brave enough to try out any of these !

Fancy having a look to see what's lurking in the back of your larder? Join in with this month's #KitchenClearout linkie !


  1. Some good recipes there, that ice-cream looks good.

  2. Must try the golden syrup as a salad dressing. Not too keen on Horlicks ice cream.

    1. I've never tried Horlicks - what does it taste of?

    2. horlicks tastes malty

    3. horlicks tastes malty

  3. Sunny Sunday brunch one looks amazing!

  4. horlicks tastes malty

  5. horlicks tastes malty

  6. Very interested in Summer salad dressing with a difference. I am not normally keen on salad dressing but might have a go at this.


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