Saturday 18 July 2015

My summer essentials from Chemist Direct (review)

Chemist Direct recently got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out their service to stock up on summer essentials. In a few weeks, we'll be jetting off to sunny climes, spending a fortnight in Kusadasi in Turkey, so it was perfect timing for grabbing some holiday essentials.

I'm an eternal optimist and very laid back but I do also like to cover all bases - by expecting the worst but hoping for the best, I usually manage to keep a smile on my face ! Therefore, I always pack a first aid kit in the suitcase to stave off common holiday mishaps such as tummy bugs, insect bites and grazed knees. I had a £50 voucher and after filling my basket with everything I thought we could possibly need, I still had plenty left for some pampering treats.

Here's what I chose :

first aid & suncare :

Riemann P20 Once-a-Day Sunfilter SPF20 Twin Pack 100ml x 2 
Fast Aid Antiseptic Kids Tattoo Style Plasters 15 Plasters 
Savlon Waterproof Plasters 24 Plasters
Panoxyl Aquagel 10% 40g
 Cetrimide Antiseptic First Aid Cream 30g
Calpol Six Plus Orange Suspension 200ml
Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream 20g
Galpharm Entrocalm Loperamide Capsules 6 capsules

toiletries & pampering treats :

Alberto Balsam Limited Edition Mandarin Conditioner 400ml
Alberto Balsam Sunkissed Raspberry Shampoo 400ml 
Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee Shampoo 400ml 
Alberto Balsam Anti-Oxidant Blueberry Shampoo 400ml 
Schwarzkopf Supersoft Repair & Care Conditioner 250ml 
Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Intensive Mask 200ml

Colgate Total Sensitive Toothpaste 75ml 
Colgate Whitening & Fresh Breath Toothpaste 100ml 
Ciate Emerald Collection 

I think that's a great haul for £50 but the code only worked on products that didn't have a discount so you could get even more if you took advantage of some of the great promotions. The summer sale currently has up to 60% off best sellers, including most of the suncare range.

Chemist Direct is a great place for holiday essentials and toiletries but, as the name suggests, they are also a registered pharmacy with an online doctor and prescription service. Because I had a couple of medicated products in my order, such as Calpol, I had to fill in a quick questionnaire about who the products were for and their age. I find this really reassuring, knowing that someone is overseeing the pharmaceutical side of things and will doublecheck your order if you request anything that could be harmful if misused.

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a voucher in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I had a delivery from Chemist direct today....hehehe
    It turns out you can use the code for things which have a discount on. I did. The sun cream is all discounted and the PR said it was ok to use the code and it went through ok! :/

    1. Oh no - gutted ! That was the only suncream that wasn't discounted - I'd have gone for a higer SPF if I'd have known :/

    2. I saw the price of the Riemann suncream and thought it was so expensive compared to the others which were reduced...

    3. Definitely - there were much cheaper options that I'd have gone for - oh well !

  2. I love Chemists Direct, so many good products and I love the multi-buys too.


  3. I recently ordered from Chemist Direct too and thought they were really good. Some things are quite cheaper than pharmacies too x

    1. Handy if you can't get to the shops or if you have anything embarrassing to buy too !

  4. That's a great summer haul. It sounds like you had a better experience with them than I did. Our order took ages to come through unfortunately but we loved the products we received #triedtested

    1. Oh no, I wonder if they had something out of stock or something? I've reviewed for them twice now and each time, the order arrived in a couple of days

  5. I'm just waiting for my order to arrive! There was lots to choose from I thought, glad to see you had a good experience.

    Helen - #triedtested

    1. ook I'll come and have a nosey at what you chose when you've blogged :)

  6. I have just had my chemist direct order through, and I have to say I am very impressed. Not only with how easy it was but also the prices. I think you got more than me, but I certainly have everything we need for our holiday later this month!

    1. It's great peace of mind - one thing ticked off my holiday to-do list ! :)


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