Sunday 19 June 2016

A culinary voyage of discovery to Cambodia

This month's Kitchen Trotter box has arrived and it's one of those destinations that had me totally non-plussed about what I'd find inside - I had absolutely no idea at all of the cuisine of Cambodia.

Nestling inside, I discovered some bird's eye chillis, some Kampot black pepper (reputedly one of the best peppers in the whole world apparently), a jar of lemongrass paste and - the most intriguing ingredient - powdered galanga. It is apparently a root similar to ginger with medicinal and (according to some) aphrodisiac qualities, but it smells like Vick's vapo rub to me ! 

There was also a bottle of guava essence.

Some salted grilled pumpkin seeds and some sticky black rice, used for desserts.

For this month's novelty gadget, there was a tropical fruit ice cube tray.

I also got a bonus gift of a little bottle of lemongrass and rice shower gel.

The first recipe is for an ingredient called kroeung that will be used in three recipes. It's a paste made with lemongrass, shallots, garlic and spices.

The first recipe, Noum Protchok Khmer, is a surprising dish - a fish soup with noodles, cucumber and salad. Hmmm not too sure how that will turn out !

Then Sath Ko Ann, marinated beef skewers.

Amok (I wonder if that's where the saying"to run amok" comes from !) - a steamed fish and vegetable dish.

Roasted mango with sticky black coconut rice for dessert.

And finally Teukolok, which looks like a smoothie made with condensed milk.

I love it when the kits take me out of my comfort zone so I will be intrigued to see how it all turns out - and of course, I'll be sharing the recipes with you over the next couple of weeks.

*** Don't miss my country-by-country globecooking recipe index ! ***


  1. I have never had Cambodian food and it never crosses my mind to. Interesting post.

  2. I found this this article really interesting never tried Cambodian food before it sounds nice so going to look into making a few dishes thank you


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