Wednesday 8 June 2016

Something Special goes extra special with an interactive magazine (review)

There's something universally appealing about Mr Tumble. I don't know if it's his twinkly eyes, his brightly coloured clothes, his madcap antics or the fact that he so clearly enjoys spending time with the children on his shows but whatever it is, he has always been one of Pierre's favourites. He was therefore over the moon to receive the lastest issue of the Something Special magazine to review, particularly as it had some great toys on the front : a Bedtime Tumble Puppet and Mr Tumble Explorer Set.

As with all the best magazines (at least if you ask anyone under the age of 6!), it also has a double page of stickers that you can use to complete the various activities inside the magazine.

It's packed full of things to do, including colouring, drawing, counting, spotting and singing.

The activities really draw the reader in, putting your child as the centre of attention, for example in the story where the final box asks you to draw yourself dancing next to Mr Tumble.

The fun continues off the pages with Mr Tumble encouraging you to get hands on and try out a simple recipe for teddy toast.

Or make a funky moon and stars mobile. As on the TV programme, Mr Tumble uses the Makaton sign language to reinforce the message. 

This issue of the magazine has something extra special though because it has gone interactive. Several pages have a special Blipp icon that allows to bring the fun and games out of the magazine and onto your phone or tablet.

I'd never used Blippar before but it's really simple. After downloading the app, which is free on iOS, Android or Windows, you just need to use the camera function on your smartphone or tablet to hover over the icon and it will open special video content linked in to the magazine, such as watching Mr Tumble painting a picture, singing and signing along to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, joining in with the Friends song or even receiving exclusive messages from Mr Tumble direct to you! I thought it was a lovely extra that makes the magazine even better value for money and Pierre was very impressed by the fact that he could bring Mr Tumble to life at will !

This special interactive issue is out today (8th June) and costs £2.99.

Disclosure : We received the magazine in order to write an honest review.


  1. My son would love the interactive part. I have used blippar before and it's clever what it does :-)

  2. My son would love the interactive part. I have used blippar before and it's clever what it does :-)


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