Monday 20 June 2016

How do you make busy mornings a breeze? #StayStrong

In just a few short weeks, it will be the end of term and I think I'm almost as excited as the Madhouse kids ! My favourite part of being on holiday is getting to lie in bed in the morning without worrying about being late for school/work, sorting out breakfasts, checking homework has been signed/swimming bags picked up/canteen cards stuffed in schoolbags and looking for lost shoes, keys and all those other things that miraculously disappear just before you head out of the door, however well organised you thought you were when you went to bed the night before !

As part of their #StayStrong campaign, Actimel recently partnered up with celeb mum Myleene Klass to inspire the nation's mums to stay strong during the hectic morning rush. Myleene has joined forces with the Stay Strong Brothers, a band helping Actimel bring a smile to people's faces, in the ‘Every Morning Mum’ song, a happy and humourous song designed to set mum up in the morning to face life's daily little challenges head on. As over half of UK mums said getting their children ready in the morning was the biggest struggle, the song cheekily brings to life this reality and will resonate with mums (and dads) across the nation - although they might not empathise with how well groomed Myleene looks first thing in the morning !

The survey also found that the other biggest challenges mums face in the morning include searching for matching socks (15%), wiping food stains off their kids' clothes (11%), finding the school shoes (15%) and even convincing them to take off their favourite pair of pyjamas (6%). As well as the daily hurdle of getting the kids dressed, one in seven UK mums struggle to get their kids’ hair looking presentable and find brushing their teeth the most time-consuming activity before leaving the house. On average, mums spend almost twenty minutes longer to get out of the house with their children then they do if they were by themselves.

It may be slightly exaggerated, but I think this will strike a chord with most parents ! I do the school run every morning except Mondays, when I pass over the reins to Madhouse Daddy because I start work before him, and it is so refreshing sauntering out of the house, grabbing my phone and keys and leaving the cries of "where's my PE kit?" and "who ate all the Nutella?" behind me as I head to the bus stop !

My top tips for making the mornings slightly less hectic are laying everything (clothes, shoes, underwear, school stuff, paperwork, phone, keys ... everything !) out the night before, checking the calendar before bedtime so you don't have any last minute surprises (what cake sale ?!!!) and letting the kids fend for themselves at breakfast. Forget toast and hot drinks - they have orange juice, cereal, bread and jam, croissants, pain au chocolat, fruit and yogurt available which they can serve themselves, leaving me to sort myself out. Portable food and drinks, such as breakfast biscuits, bananas and little bottles of Actimel, are also great for stuffing into coat pockets to eat on the way to school for those mornings when the kids are being slowcoaches and haven't finished eating when it's time to get out of the house !

What are your top tips for making mornings a bit less hectic?

For more info and to watch Myleene and the Stay Strong Brothers in action, go to

Disclosure : We received a shopping voucher to buy some Actimel.


  1. I always try to have things ready the night before. :)

  2. Always try to get school bags ready the night before. Also, if required, get the lunch bag ready the night before & put it in the fridge. Just can't do that in the mornings!


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