Friday 3 June 2016

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 3/6

I'm back from my 3-day school trip to London and finally into the home straights for this school year - in a month it's all over - phew ! I'm trying to ignore the fact that I have a couple more hectic weeks to get through first though. I was planning summery meals but it's turned into winter again so I may have to get the slow cooker out again.


lunch - probably McDonalds - I want a chance to chill out !

dinner -  egg-in-a-hole toasties sound fun, but they might end up as regular cheese and ham toasties if I run out of time. I've discovered that the Optigrill is great for making toasted sandwiches


lunch - roast dinner or BBQ depending on the weather (I'm guessing roast dinner!)

dinner - sandwiches or smorging if we're hungry


dinner - after school meetings tonight so I'll be in late and need something quick - leftover roast/BBQ meat in sauce with pasta should fit the bill


dinner - Turks & Caicos Islands-inspired rice and peas (for a #readcookeat post)


lunch - hash brown burgers with grilled tomatoes - we had these at the school canteen and I know the Madhouse kids would approve ! You replace the burger bun with hashbrowns.

dinner - Senegalese Yassa chicken


dinner - spicy sesame beef with stir fried veg & noodles


dinner - Locro, an Argentinian potato, meat and vegetable stew

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