Wednesday 8 June 2016

Madhouse recipe : Hash brown cheeseburgers

When these hashbrown cheeseburgers were served up at the school canteen a few weeks ago, there were groans in the staff area, but I knew that the Madhouse kids would love the idea. They're also great when you need something quick on the table and can be cooked using things straight from the freezer so you don't even have to plan in advance.

Hashbrown cheeseburgers

ingredients per serving

2 frozen hash browns/rösti
1 beefburger
2 slices of hamburger cheese
optional : tomato slices, onions, mushrooms, salad, mustard, pickles...

Cook the hash browns in the oven and fry or grill the beefburgers. All that's left is putting it together. Start with a hash brown.

Top with a slice of cheese.

Add a beefburger.

Spread with ketchup or your favourite burger condiments.

Add another slice of cheese.

And top with the final hash brown. That's it !

As predicted, the kids loved them !


  1. Ooh definitely trying this thanks 😁 now bookmarked

  2. That is the best burger I have seen since the Yorkshire pudding burger - bloody love hash browns - you are not helping my weight loss lady! Sim xx


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