Thursday 23 June 2016

Madhouse recipe : Puff pastry pizza tart

Is it a tart? Is it a pizza? Well, it's a cross between the two really, but whatever you call it, it's quick and simple to make, uses up lots of squishy tomatoes and tastes fab !

Puff pastry pizza tart

ingredients :

a pack of puff pastry
1 red onion
300g bacon lardons
3 mushrooms
4 tomatoes
jar of sauce - whatever you have that needs using up (I used garlic & tomato pizza topping but tomato puree, pesto, etc would be great too)
goat's cheese
herbs (I used dried basil and zatar)

Put the puff pastry in a flan tin, stab all over with a fork and put in the oven while it preheats to 180°.

Fry the bacon lardons, onions and mushrooms. Drain off any excess liquid and reserve.

 Chop the tomatoes and goat's cheese into fairly thick slices.

Take the puff pastry out of the oven and spread with sauce.

Scatter with bacon, onions and mushrooms.

Cover with slices of tomato.

Then top with slices of goat's cheese.

Sprinkle with herbs and put back in the oven for 20 minutes or so until the tomatoes are cooked, the cheese is melted and the pastry is golden brown.

This was a great way of clearing out the fridge and cupboards and using whatever I found (pizza sauce, squishy tomatoes, zatar) so I'm adding it to #KitchenClearout.


  1. Replies
    1. It's dead easy and can be modified to use up whatever's in your fridge :)

  2. Looks easy and something the kids would love.

  3. looks tasty, my girls would love this

  4. This looks yummy, going to make with my two girls over the weekend :)

  5. I always have a look in here each week to see if you have added any recipes and your chosen recipes always give me inspiration for lunch or tea that day - this one will be for tea!yum

    1. I never used to share the "throw together the contents of the fridge" recipes because they never look much, but they usually end up being the most popular ! :)


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