Monday 20 June 2016

Music Festival Vibes with #BratzFest

With Glastonbury kicking off a summer of music next week, it was the perfect timing for Bratz to bring the festival vibes to the Madhouse with their new collection. 

The Festival Vibe collection is made up of five brand new Bratz dolls, each one complete with two super cool festival outfits and accessories. Each of their styles is inspired by their favourite genre of music: Cloe loves American country rock, Jade loves electro-pop, Sasha shakes it to top 40 dance music, Yasmin loves the 70s sound and Raya loves to take it back even further with her passion for retro jazz!

We got the Raya doll who comes complete with musical note earrings, a smartphone, a hat, a mini keyboard, a Bratz bag and some very funky pink shades, which were almost as cool as her red satin keyboard-print skirt ! Each doll also has a child-sized festival ribbon wristband on the top of the box.

Along with the doll, we received a poncho and some crafts supplies to personalise it, as well as an Access All Areas pass to #Bratzfest.

Juliette had great fun glamming up her poncho with flowers, stars and the word Bratz spelt out in funky glittery letters.

She thought it would be great fun to pose with a Harry Styles mask and, just as I took the photo, she stuck her tongue out of his eye ! She's definitely in the #Bratzfest festival spirit already !

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a Bratz Festival Vibes doll and kit.

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  1. I used to love my Bratz dolls. Good to see they're still popular :) I would have loved this theme!


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