Tuesday 21 June 2016

Introducing Gobbit - Snap with fangs ! (review)

We may be into the summer but the weather still seems to think that it's October rather than late June, so you might well be looking for ways to while away a wet weekend. We recently received a new card game called Gobbit to review, which is perfect for some family fun, at home or on holiday, as it's small enough to be stashed away in a suitcase.

Gobbit is described as "a fast and frantic card game that demands strong powers of observation, steadfast concentration and otherworldly reflexes". We thought it was like a souped-up (and more exciting) version of Snap, which meant that it was easy for young players to get the hang of, despite having a 7+ recommended age. The cards feature four animals in three colours, all of whom eat one another based on their colour and the food chain: the chameleon eats the mosquito, the snake eats the chameleon, and the gorilla eats anything. Players take it in turns to reveal the top card in their pile but must have their wits about them – slap your animal to defend it from a predator’s attack, or slap your opponent’s animal to ‘eat’ it and claim their pile!

As the Madhouse grandparents and Auntie Em were over for a visit, they got roped in for a game or ten and we soon discovered that the odds were fairly evenly stacked, regardless of age.

I loved seeing the look of total concentration on the kids' faces, not to mention their delight when they managed to steal one of their opponents' cards !

The great thing about the game is that there is no waiting for your turn or even for a new round to begin once you're out. Once a player has lost all their cards, they stay in the game in their new guise as a ghost. Frantically slapping any matching pairs they spot between the remaining players, ghosts have the power to really disrupt the food chain and send even more animals to the graveyard! Each round only lasts about ten minutes on average, and there's no time lost setting up the game before you can play, so it's a great option when you're short on time but want to spend some quality time with the family.

Each game also comes with a wristband which permits entry into all Gobbit tournaments taking place in stores throughout the UK.

It's a very simple concept - easy to learn, quick to play but hard to master - so it is incredibly addictive. The Madhouse kids keep beating me, much to their delight, so I need to get some practice in !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £14

available to buy from www.RulesofPlay.co.uk

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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