Thursday 2 June 2016

Making a fairy sized easel for our fairy visitor #FairyTaler

Hello again, fairy lovers ! You may remember last time, I showed you our little fairy land in the corner of Pierre's bedroom where our magical Irish Fairy Door is surrounded with all the lovely play equipment that we received in our #FairyTaler welcome package. Our cheeky little night-time visitor has been having great fun using it ever since and Pierre is always delighted to see the seesaw in a different position or the little bicycle in a different spot in his room, proving that she has been visiting while he was asleep or at school !

This time around, Pierre got even more excited because not only was his special fairy friend about to get something new to play with but HE was the one who was going to make it ! The Irish Fairy Door Company posted a lovely little crafts activity on their blog to make a DIY Fairy Easel and asked us if we'd have a go at making one.

All it needs is six wooden pegs, a wooden skewer and some glue, so whoever came up with the idea is a total genius because it looks great when it's finished.

After leaving it to dry overnight, we were delighted in the morning to see that it was perfect (OK slightly wonky but that just makes it unique and extra special !).

It's the absolutely perfect size for the pad of fairy notes so we're excited to see if our fairy friend will leave us a picture on one of her upcoming visits !

 Pierre rushed straight off to put it in his room and pointed out that we'll need to find her a tiny paintbrush. Hmmm I've got my thinking cap on now trying to think of what I could use for a fairy-sized brush - any ideas ?!

Disclosure : As Fairytalers, we'll be receiving exciting parcels of Irish Fairy Door Company goodies and magic to share with you.


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