Sunday 4 November 2012

Chery Lin Grapefruit & Orange Body Polish review

When I saw a tweet go by from Chery Lin Organic Skincare, the first thing that caught my eye was the name because it looks like mine (Cheryl) ! Then I looked at the profile and liked what I saw : "Premium quality nutritious skincare using pure organic ingredients. Unique and freshly handmade, all products naturally treat your skin, body and senses."  I always love products that say that they treat your senses because it always means wonderfully rich and relaxing scents. Add to that the adjectives "organic", "freshly handmade" and "natural" and you have - on paper at least - my ideal skincare brand.

When I was given the chance to choose one of their products to review, I had a look through and eventually opted for the Grapefruit & Orange Body Polish. I always love citrus fragrances in the shower because they are uplifting and energising and exfoliating body scrubs are also great for sloughing off dead skin cells and really waking up your skin. Perfect for some much-needed pampering as we draw into the colder months.

When the product arrived, I loved the packaging. It looks very artisanal, like something you'd pick up at a market made by hand and sold by a local producer, and the glass pot is more eco-friendly than a plastic bottle. It really looks the business on the bathroom shelf too. The only bad thing is, you need to leave it open while you're in the shower so that you can scoop it out and apply it to your body, and this inevitably lets water in.

The body polish looks and, initally, feels just like wet sand when you dig your hand down deep into the cool, damp sand below the surface at the beach. It's slightly scratchy but in a pleasant, exfoliating way. My skin went slightly red but this redness didn't last and wasn't at all sore. I've just looked at the website and it does warn : "Do not use on broken or very sensitive skin. Use a body scrub no more than twice a week. Any more and you could be over exfoliating, potentially tearing and damaging the skin." The exfoliating grains are a mixture of raw sugar and dead sea salt, so all totally natural ingredients.

After you've had about 30 seconds of feeling the grainy scrub sloughing off your dead skin cells, it seems to melt or dissolve, leaving nothing but an oily residue on your skin that is beautifully fragranced with a natural, zesty, citrus scent.The oiliness is really soothing after the exfoliation, really hydrates your skin, leaving it lovely and soft and supple, and disappears while you have your shower so you don't feel at all greasy or unclean when you get out of the shower. The body polish lists an impressive cocktail of sunflower oil, castor oil, coconut butter and cocoa butter amongst its ingredients, which makes for a really nourishing mix.

This Grapefruit & Orange Body Polish promises to "smooth and decongest dry rough skin, tighten and stimulate circulation and soften all over", as well as "deep cleanse and draw out toxins", thanks to the Dead Sea salt. The essential oils "dispel tension and stress" and "help promote energy, balance and a positive outlook" by "uplifting and refreshing a tired mind with a citrus start to the day". I'd agree with all of that.

There are other fragrances in the range, depending on your skin type and particular needs - Organic Coconut Rose Sugar Scrub (to help cleanse and rejuvenate the skin), Organic Sweet lemon body exfoliator (to help revitalise the skin and draw out toxins), Organic Orange Spice body exfoliator (to help smooth and decongest dry rough skin),  Organic Revitalising body scrub (with therapeutic ingredients to nourish tissue cells and promote the growth of new skin cells) and Organic Rose and lavender body exfoliator (to nourish tissue cells and cleanse congested skin).

The only problem is, it's so lovely and relaxing and leaves your skin feeling so pampered that you can't resist dipping in your fingers and scooping out a bit more, slathering it all over your body until you feel smooth all over. This means that you do get through quite a lot in one go ! It's not cheap but it is really lovely so if you want a pampering gift for someone special - or if you want to start dropping hints about your own Christmas wish list ! - it's the ultimate me-time gift that will appeal to women of any age, from teens right through to the more mature lady.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £27.65 for 350g

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a pot of Chery Lin Grapefruit & Orange Body Polish in order to write an honest review.

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  1. this sounds lovely for pampering

  2. wow this costs a song! and my wallet would get laryngitis! Looks good though.

  3. Love the jar this comes in, quite expensive though. Maybe nice as a treat!


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