Friday, 2 November 2012

Chicken Tonight Honey & Dijon Mustard Sauce review

Yesterday at The Madhouse, we didn't feel like Chicken Tonight, we felt like chicken this lunchtime - but we nevertheless reached for a jar of Chicken Tonight Sauce ! I asked everyone to come into the kitchen to vote on which sauce they fancied trying this time - we're still working our way through the fabulous hamper they sent us ! - and we decided on Honey & Dijon Mustard.

 I've been looking forward to trying this one because it's the one that all my online friends seemed to say was their favourite when I mentioned that we'd be reviewing the range. I was a bit concerned that the Madhouse Mini-testers wouldn't be keen because they often find mustard-based dishes too hot, but it is in fact very mild. It's tangy but not hot at all and the sweetness of the honey nicely complements the flavours, giving a similar sensation to eating sweet and sour.

Usually, I use chopped chicken breast with a jar of Chicken Tonight sauce in a frying pan on the hob but this time, I wanted to give the oven-baked method a try and used chicken on the bone instead. 

I pan fried some chicken thighs to give them a nice brown colour and some crispiness, and then used the cooking juices to fry up some onions and mushrooms.

After putting the chicken, mushrooms and onions in an ovenproof dish, I poured the contents of the jar over the top and put it in the oven for an hour.

Now, I have to admit, the chicken looks burnt in this photo but trust me, it wasn't, it was lovely and brown with really crisp skin. The sauce had also become much thicker during the cooking time.

As well as containing honey and mustard, the sauce also has quite large chunks of carrot and onion, and adding the extra fresh onions and mushrooms made for a really delicious, satisfying dish that the whole family enjoyed and that looked and tasted homemade-from-scratch. 

I love using the hob method for speed but I'll also definitely be trying out the oven method with chicken on the bone again because it's perfect for winter comfort food.

One quarter jar serving (bearing in mind that ours gave five generous portions) contains a very reasonable 132 calories and 6.6g of fat, of what 1.6g saturated.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.99

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a hamper of Chicken Tonight and Ragu products in order to write honest reviews.

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  1. We love Chicken Tonight, tasty and mild enough for all of the family despite being packed with flavour. Any left over sauce works really well as a pasta sauce the next day too.

  2. Many thanks for this review. The sauces always look unappetising in the jar so it's helpful to get a proper taste test. I may give this a go.

  3. love this sauce, i always buy several jars when its on offer, you can often pick it up for £1 a jar

  4. This looks lovely,I love things like this but my husband doesn't so never end up buying it!


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