Friday 2 November 2012

Fudgeridoo Fudge review

By sheer good luck, I recently clicked through on someone's Facebook link for a competition running on the Fudgeridoo Facebook page and noticed that they were looking for people to review their fudge. Oooh I can do that, I thought ! A little while later, this lovely taster box arrived, containing rather generous samples of two of their fudges.

First up was the intriguingly named Welsh Gold Dust. This creamy beige-coloured fudge (if you're shaking your head, thinking "well obviously, all fudge is that colour, think again - they even have bright blue fudge !) is generously sprinkled with lots of lovely things that I couldn't really define. I'm pretty sure there are chopped up Crunchie bars in there but I could be wrong ! I managed to slice it up into five mini slices so that everyone could have a taste and we decided it was lovely but very very sweet so you wouldn't want to eat too much of it. But, as I'm trying to lose weight, I think that's actually a good thing !

The second sample was the divinely-named Malteser Cheesecake - a name that had us salivating already - but when I sliced it up, this time with several people hanging over my shoulder and dribbling, and we saw the whole Maltesers in there, excitement reached fever pitch and everyone wanted the biggest slice (and suddenly forgot all about the Halloween haul that they'd been asking for just minutes before !). Again, it's very sweet so a small slice is all you need to quell your sugar cravings, but it is decidedly decadent and delicious.

Fudgeridoo have some really weird and wonderful colours, ingredients and flavour combinations so if you're looking for a more original alternative to the usual Christmas box of chocolates, they might have just what you're after. Trying to find what you want is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack at the moment because their website is under construction so you'll have to trawl through their facebook posts, but there is a phoneline so I'm sure they'd be able to guide you through what's on offer. That also means that there isn't much information available about what you're buying - hopefully the website will provide more information on ingredients, allergens and nutritional content when it's up and running - but it's homemade so really that's part of the charm !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP :  On their Facebook page, they say : "To order your fudge give us a call on 01341 280133. We sell our fudge in boxes of 4 x 100g bars. Each bar is £2.25 and we have a special offer of buy three bars and get your fourth bar free. This makes each box £6.75. P+P is £4.15 for one b
ox, £6.00 for two boxes or £8.55 for three boxes."

Disclosure : I received samples of Fudgeridoo fudge in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Oooh these sound lovely, will have to check them out!

  2. I think I prefer a traditional fudge, they have all sorts of tempting images, but also quite scary looking ones

  3. yes some of the colour ones look like lumps of playdough

  4. ooooh think i might have to get some for stocking fillers & an extra 1 for me :)

  5. These really do look yummy, esp the Malteser Cheesecake, reading this post has made me want something yummy lol x

  6. My brother loves fudge i am planning on buying him some fro christmas, i think he would love some extra special fudge like this looks delicious

    Tiffany Oconnell


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