Saturday 14 September 2013

Everyday Effects : Small change = Big difference!

As a busy mum-of-3 with a full-time job and a blog to maintain, I'm often asked how I manage to fit it all in and still have time to do all the cooking, days out and crafting activities that we share on the blog. I think having bagloads of energy and a childish sense of fun helps, plus not sweating the small stuff (if I have to choose between pristinely ironed clothes or a quick unload-the-tumble-drier-and-fold-while-warm so that we have time to have some fun, I know which one I'll choose every time !), but being organised is definitely a big help too. Here are a few pointers, but I'm not a Supermum, honest !


Tips for working mums

Balancing a job and the demands of motherhood can drive even the most organised, energetic woman to the point of distraction.

When you’re not dealing with work or the kids’ school dinners, you are thinking about it.You probably aren’t going to get that long list of ‘things-to-do’ out of your head but there are ways of managing it all so that you keep your sanity.

Organisation is key

There are going to be crazy days in the home-life balance but that is the case with any life.
The P&G Everyday Effects campaign is designed to take into account how much pressure modern mums are under and is always aiming to make their load lighter.

Keep on top of routine tasks and get the kids to help out. Make school lunches at the same time each evening and prepare as much as possible at night so that it is smooth sailing in the morning. Give your kids the task of preparing their school backpacks and clothes before they go to sleep.

Food glorious food

If only you could snap your fingers and have dinner magically appear on the table every evening!

Make family cooking easier by making a meal list and spend a few hours over the weekend preparing what you can in advance then freezing it for weekday use. If your children are interested in cooking get them involved.

Think of meals which can either use or produce leftovers for school lunches or be incorporated into dinner the following day.

(If you want some inspiration, I post a weekly menu plan here on my blog.)

Social butterfly

Don’t forget your social life. Even if you have to keep it to a minimum, make sure you meet a friend or go out with your spouse to enjoy a few work- and kid-free moments.

It is essential that you enjoy some romance and me-time to keep the balance right. If you need time alone, schedule it and return the favour for your partner so that you both have the chance to recharge your batteries.

Keeping on top of it

Improve the efficiency of your regular cleaning routine by doing some investigative work into making household duties less time consuming.

The Everyday Effects campaign provides tips on time-saving products. Coupled with a chore rota, this will help you keep on top of cleaning. You can also get your kids in on the act. The earlier they learn the responsibility of caring for their rooms and belongings, the better.

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