Monday 30 September 2013

Kids' app review : Daddy Pig’s Puddle Jump

When we were offered a review code for Peppa Pig's latest app, Daddy Pig’s Puddle Jump, the Madhouse Mini testers let out a squeal of delight. They still have lots of fun playing with the other apps that we downloaded many months ago featuring everyone's favourite piggy : Peppa Pig's Holiday, Peppa Pig Theme Park and Peppa Pig Party Time

As the name suggests, the app - which can be played as a one or two-player game - invites you to jump in muddy puddles as either Peppa, George or Daddy Pig. You start off on a short, flat course with a couple of trampolines but the courses get longer with big hills as you progress through the levels. It actually reminded me of the Racing Flying Penguin app where you make penguins whizz down mountain slopes really fast then shoot them up in the air so they go flying.

You can work your way through different levels from 1-15, and you can go back to previous levels to try to improve your star score. As a grown-up, I had a quick play and couldn't work out what gave you extra stars though - are you supposed to jump as high as possible or keep on the slope? I think the idea is just to jump over the bushes and get as muddy as possible but it doesn't really seem to matter.

Pierre and Juliette didn't even bother trying to work it out - they just had fun splashing in the muddy puddles. After a short while, they got bored though and were ready to move on to another game. The problem is, we've been spoilt with the other Peppa Pig apps which offer several mini-games, all of which are as good as this puddle-splashing game. It would have been great as a mini game within a more complex app but was a bit too repetitve to be a stand alone app, in our opinion.

It was perfect for playing to while away the time while Pierre waited for his Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle cupcakes to cook though !

star rating : 3.5/5

RRP : £1.49

Disclosure : We received a code to download the app, in order to write an honest review.

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  1. We found much the same. It was fun, but needs more mini games to match up to the others.


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