Tuesday 10 September 2013

Moroccan holiday diaries : Meeting the locals !

Time for another flashback to our summer holiday in Morocco !

On our first trip along the seafront at Agadir, we bumped into one of the traditional water sellers. He made us all pose for a photo with his hat on ! We declined his offer of water though as, firstly, we had no idea where it came from but it probably wasn't a bottle and, secondly, everyone drinks out of the same copper cup. Hmmmm !

The kids excitedly spotted a camel ... then we realised it was one of the sand artists who had made a camel out of sand !

We did see real camels too though. Pass him a toothbrush, quick !

This one made us laugh because it looked like it was parked as a car !

In the souk, the kids got to play with the tortoises (and they were gutted to hear that I used to have a tortoise when I was little but we gave it away !).

Then they excitedly discovered some tortoise eggs in the straw.

Seeing how delighted they were, the stallholder brought out his pride and joy (and probably unique selling point for the tourists) - a rather sad looking chameleon. Madhouse Daddy wasn't too keen.

Pierre giggled until he ended up with it on his head !

I was unfazed as I'd had a black cobra dangled around my neck the night before !

The black cobras live wild in the mountains (we were told this as we were driving through these very mountains where we were caught in a camel traffic jam - eeek !) and the snake charmers go out and collect them when it's cooling down and they start coming out. We saw several snake charmers in the town squares and the locals seemed as fascinated as the tourists.

Sometimes, there were just too many adventures and too much excitement packed into each day !

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  1. I don't mind the tortoise or the chameleon but snakes NO WAY! I take after Mother where they are concerned not within a 100 miles with knowledge!

    1. I don't mind snakes but spiders are a different matter - or maggots - ewww hate them with a passion ! lol

  2. eeek, no way I'd put the snake on my neck. I would die of fright. Nice photos, enjoyed looking at your colourful adventures.

    1. LOL That's almost word for word what Madhouse Daddy said !!

  3. Looks good fun although I couldn't be that close to a snake!


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