Tuesday, 8 October 2013

ASDA Chosen By Kids, Approved By Mums review

ASDA recently sent me through a £10 voucher to try out their new Chosen By Kids, Approved By Mums range, which has replaced their Great Stuff products. The new line sets out to offer a whole host of healthy kid-friendly options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I was amazed at how much we managed to buy for a tenner ! 

We picked up a packet of Mini Wheat & Oat Pasta Zoo Shapes.

Two packs of Squidg'ems which are fun, squidgy pouches of strawberry or raspberry yogurt. You get four in each pack.

Some Raspberry Squeez'mees, which are tubes of yogurt. 

Some mini snack boxes of dried fruit (raisins & sultanas, raisins & apples, raisins & dried apricots) which are perfect for lunchboxes, although I'm tempted to use some in cupcakes too.

A four pack of Wildly Fruity Yogurts.

And two multipacks of drinks cartons - one in apple & mango flavour, the other pineapple & orange.

The packaging really appealed to the Madhouse Mini-testers. They loved the cute monsters but also found it easy to open, although the drinks cartons do tend to splurge out everywhere when you pick them up after putting the straw in.

The Squeez'mes and Squidg'ems are perfect for lunchboxes, snacks on the go or picnics and they're a mess-free option. There's many a slip twixt cup and lip but it's hard to make a mess when it goes straight in your mouth !

The range features all the usual suspects, echoing similar ranges of child-friendly snacks and food products, but the Madhouse Mini-Testers didn't mind the lack of originality at all. They were happy to recognise the products that they've already tried and loved from other brands, and I was pleasantly surprised by the prices.

These are pretty much the only products from the range that we could find in store on our particular visit, but the range also includes fruit snack bags (pineapple lollies, watermelon slices, melon & grape bags ...), dinky bagels and mini wraps, as well as hot meals with hidden vegetables, such as mash made with potatoes, peas and broccoli.

star rating : 4.5/5

Disclosure : We received a shopping voucher in order to sample the range and write an honest review.

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