Friday, 4 October 2013

Betty Crocker Double Chocolate Whoopie Pie Mix review

Cooking up cakes and cookies from scratch is not too hard, but when Sophie said she'd like to make some whoopie pies, I must admit I did scratch my head - I'd heard all about them but had no real idea of what they were, let alone what they've got in them ! Last time we were walking round Tesco's, Sophie spotted a box of Betty Crocker Double Chocolate Whoopie Pie Mix and asked if we could buy it. As I'd just said yes to Pierre for his Peppa Pig cupcake mix, I could hardly say no, could I?!

Inside the box, you get a sachet of cake mix and a sachet of filling mix.

Following the instructions, Sophie mixed in some milk, oil and water.

Then spooned little dollops on some greased baking sheets.

The box is supposed to make 10 whoopie pies, requiring 20 little cakes, but we went for a few more so we had smaller portions.

After just a few minutes in the oven, they puffed up to make soft squidgy sponges, ready to be sandwiched together with chocolate cream filling.

Sophie was very pleased with the result, especially as she'd made them all by herself, with just a little help from me putting them into and taking them out of the oven.

Next time, I'll have to look at making them from scratch though. 

RRP : about £2.25

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  1. Well done, Sophie! Invite me over for tea! ;)

    1. She's turning into a great cook ... as is Pierre !!


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