Tuesday 1 October 2013

New Lenor Spring Awakening review

I was very pleased to be selected for a new project on Savvy Circle for new Lenor Spring Awakening from the Soft & Fresh range. With three kids who love running around (and rolling around) in the park and getting involved in messy play, I seem to spend half of my life doing the laundry, so I'm always keen to try out new products. 

Along with with 5,000 other members of the Savvy Circle, I received this fabulous kit containing a big 750ml (21 wash) bottle of New Lenor Spring Awakening for me and 20 sachets and 10 money off coupons to hand out to my friends - the other mums at the school gate always see me coming and love finding out what I've got to offer them this time around !

I already use Lenor (amongst other brands) and I thought it was really good already, so I was intrigued to see what improvements they'd made. I was also slightly dubious, as some "new improved recipes/formulas" are actually a lot worse than the originals. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is sometimes very true.

I headed over to the project guide to find out what the Lenor scientists have been up to. I discovered that the big improvement is a new deep-down softness formula that promises to help keep the clothes you love looking newer for longer by protecting against damage in the wash by reducing friction, maintaining the just-washed freshness and softness for longer. They've achieved this by making the softening agents up to 10 times smaller than before, meaning that they are extremely flexible and can penetrate deep in between the fibres of your clothes.

OK for the theory, on to the practical test : the laundry. I did a load using my usual detergent and replacing my usual fabric softener by the Lenor Spring Awakening. It smelt really nice, made my whole upstairs smell lovely and left my clothes feeling soft, although to be honest, I couldn't really notice any difference compared to my usual brand or the old Lenor. Madhouse Daddy did comment on the fresh bedding feeling extra soft, but he does that every time I change the sheets anyway !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : 750ml £1.99, 1.4L £3.37, 1.82L £4.00, 2.905L £6.99

Disclosure : Savvy Circle sent me a bottle and samples/vouchers to hand out, in order to spread the word about the new product and collect feedback.

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  1. Ohh I'm in on this project....I hadn't used Lenor in years....I was sent the pack and I'm converted! lol I love it! I will be continuing to buy it when I've used all I was sent!

  2. well the theory sounds great, will be looking out for this in the shops


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