Monday 2 November 2009

At Home With French - activity book

Juliette (4 & 1/2) doesn't quite fit into the age 5-7 age group but she is bilingual so she has a head start ! Sophie, age 8, doesn't quite fit the age group at the other end - but they both sat down and enjoyed working through the different activities quite happily together.

Juliette loved the colouring activities and the tracing words exercises - plus the word recognition
tasks (colouring things the right colour by matching the word in French with the model above showing the word and the colour - hard to explain but extremely simple in practice) gave her the impression she suddenly knew how to read which made her extremely proud !

Even Sophie loved the positive reinforcement given by the self-awarded gold stars for completed exercises. She tackled the slightly trickier exercises that involved copying sentences and word recognition.

As they are both bilingual, I don't know if they really thought about which language they were using ! Sentences like "colour the aeroplane rouge and the car bleu" sound pretty normal in our household !! But for those learning the basics of French, it introduces vocabulary a word at a time in simple exercises and activities.

The little "test" section in the middle went down well with both girls who loved to prove how good they were at everything. The activities in the book get progressively harder which is great for helping to build confidence. They kept coming up with a "Look Mum !", to show me what they had just done.

It was a nice change for me to find an educative activity book with simple task descriptions that they could understand without me having to explain to them exactly what needed to be done. Some great fun and a great opportunity to learn to read and write some simple French too.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.99

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