Friday 13 November 2009

Nuby Bug-a-Loop teether

First of all, I'd just like to say that Nuby teething rings and baby products have nothing to do with the Nubie kids shop I reviewed earlier today, they're both totally separate companies !!

Well, as we're playing on words, I shall start this review by saying that Pierre is a newbie when it comes to grabbing things and putting them in his mouth. He only discovered this amazing new talent at the beginning of the week but he can't get enough of it ! Give him a rattle and he'll suck it and wiggle it and smile away for hours - who needs Cbeebies ?!

So the Nuby Bug-a-Loop teether is right up his street. The fact that it is a ring makes it really easy for him to hold onto and I also love the fact that if I need to change his bum or move him in or out of his high chair, I can stick it on my arm like a bracelet and it's one less thing I need to juggle. Also, when he starts throwing his toys constantly on the floor, I'll be able to feed his high chair strap through the loop so he won't be able to - haha, Mum-1 Pierre-0 !!

The ring is really bright and colourful so is visually appealing, but it's also interesting to gnaw on (I would imagine, I haven't tried it !) because there are various different textures - some smooth beads, some knobbly ones, some with hollows. Not to mention the cute bugs (hence the name) that have vicious hard knobbly legs that hurt your finger if you press hard on them but are probably really nice for teething babies to chonk away on.

As they get older, you could use the toy to teach the colours and the names of the insects (ladybird, dragonfly, bee, butterfly) - or alternatively you could stop trying to have a Baby Einstein and just let him/her get on with chewing away happily !

Reading on the packaging, "The teether is engineered with raised offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of teeth by gently massaging infant's gums". The old-fashioned way of doing it - which is advised against now, before you all go rushing off to try it ! - was to rub over the emerging teeth with a sugar lump. Ouch ! I'd much rather chew away on a piece of hard rubber that has the same effect.

As with all baby toys, it will invariably end up getting thrown on the ground about a billion times but it's easy to keep clean as it just needs washing in warm soapy water. It can't go in a microwave (why would you want to ? oh, unless they're thinking of people using microwave steam/sterilisers ?) or a dishwasher.

The different beads seem to all be held together on a thick nylon string - you can see it if you pull them apart slightly - but they look very firmly attached. I pulled on it as hard as I could and could only get a couple of millimetres between the gap so the likelihood of a baby managing to break it or get his finger or lip stuck between them is minute.

The only thing I am slightly concerned about is that it looks just like a dog toy so I'm sure Didou the puppy is going to try to nab it and chew it to bits ! But I've warned the girls that they have a new big sister responsibilty - teething ring duty !

I couldn't decide which photo of Pierre with his Bug-a-Loop to post so click here and you can see all of them on the Madhouse family blog !

star rating : 5/5

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