Monday 23 November 2009

Colour FX Spray-in Wash-out Intense Colour Hairspray

The girls are going to love me. I have two cans of Party Purple and Blazing Blonde coloured hairspray that they will be allowed to wear to jazz up their Christmas party outfits ! I'm sure my sister-in-law will have a heart attack but I'm going to try to convince their cousins to spray some on too ! Who knows, I might even join in myself !!

The great thing is, these are spray-in wash-out products so you can go as mad as you like, knowing the results will only be temporary until your next shower ! You could go for a punky look with wild and wacky colours - or the website suggests men might like to wear the colours of their favourite footie team in their hair !! Why not ?! I remember an Irish pub landlord who used to dye his long white beard and hair bright green for St Patrick's Day every year after all !
Whatever look you decide to go for, you're bound to find the colour scheme you want because they have a huge range of colours available. "The ColourFX Collection offers an array of sprays in 11 different eye-catching shades, which can be used to transform the over-all hair colour or multi-coloured streaks for the more adventurous look! The gels provide extra styling control and are available in eight different shades. Both products even provide a UV glow under the spotlight! " How cool is that ? It almost makes me want to go out clubbing again !!

The whole rainbow of colours available is - for the sprays - Bizarre Blue; Blazing Blonde; Brilliant Black; Glistening Gold; Groovy Green; Outrage Orange; Party Purple; Punk Pink; Radical Red; Sacred Silver and Wicked White, and - for the gels - Bizarre Blue; Blazing Blonde; Brilliant Black; Groovy Green; Party Purple; Punk Pink; Radical Red and Wicked White. But you could always mix and match, choosing a base-colour with the gel, for added hold, and adding finishing touches with a spray of a different colour on top.

The website gives you a few ideas of looks you can try to create (see above) but I'm sure your kids will lock you out of the bathroom, telling you that you have got absolutely no idea of what's cool these days and please leave them alone to sort themselves out !!

If you're feeling brave, there's even a competition on the website where you can send in a picture of yourself with your funked-up hair and win a selection of their products and the chance to feature in their gallery. Go on - you know you want to !! Or wait until Grandad has fallen asleep after Christmas lunch and spray his hair all different colours - I bet he'd win the competition !!

star rating : 4/5 (for the idea, I haven't actually tested them yet ... watch this space after Christmas !)

RRP: sprays £3.49 /75ml , gels £2.99/50ml

available at Claire’s Accessories

For more info, log onto

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