Tuesday 3 November 2009

Pearl Drops Instant White Ultra

I hate to brag but I actually have pretty good teeth - my old dentist told me it was "a provocation" to go and see him with teeth as good as mine (by which I guess he meant I was wasting his time and not paying him enough because I didn't need anything expensive done !!). So I don't really need the extra whitening effect offered by this "unique brush-on liquid tooth veneer" . But I decided to give it a whirl all the same to see how it worked.

Sophie, aged 8, asked me why I was putting Tippex on my teeth and wouldn't it make me sick ?! So be warned - if you're doing this in full view of your children, make sure they know NOT to copy what you're doing with Tippex, nail varnish or anything else that comes in a little bottle with a brush !

You only need to apply one coat and it dries really quickly - "in seconds", according to the packaging. It's quick and easy to apply - unless you've got an 8-year-old watching you with big googly eyes who keeps making you laugh !! The manufacturers promise "a dazzling white smile" and, although I still couldn't compete with Simon Cowell, I must admit my teeth did look more sparkly and Hollywood-white. I'm not sure how well they would cover up badly stained teeth or crowns and caps though.

I like the fact that you can brush the veneer off with toothpaste (if, for some peculiar reason, you decide you don't like bright white teeth !) and in any case, it will come off naturally whenever you eat a meal. It can be reapplied whenever you want though. I have visions of someone on a first date in a restaurant dashing off to the toilet with their serviette over their mouth as soon as they've finished eating to get their bright white teeth back before the new girl/man notices their manky teeth !!

The website proclaims :"This is the ultimate cosmetic accessory for every makeup bag" and it is something that you could apply, along with your mascara and lip gloss, to boost your confidence on a night out. Remember it's only a quick fix though so keep brushing your teeth to keep your dentist happy (or not, as the case may be !).

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £7.99

available in Boots, Superdrug, and other major retailers


  1. Interesting product. Does it only give a coating on the teeth? I only use Stella white strips for now and my teeth are great! :)


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