Friday 6 November 2009

fun online game that takes kids through the steps of putting on their very own pantomime

If - like me - you're always looking for ways to keep the kids occupied for a few minutes without sticking them in front of a DVD or a games console, you could do a lot worse then sending them to an interactive website, designed by Robinsons (the drinks company), where they can go through the steps of putting on their very own pantomime – from planning, to practising to performing.

Without me saying a word, as soon as the sound effects started and the little man came on to the screen, the girls were crowding around the computer ! You get to choose one of several classic fairy tales - Peter Pan, Snow White, Cinderella, Aladdin - some of which the girls were more familiar with than others so they've asked to read the other ones at bedtime together. Bonus, if it gets them more interested in reading !

The website is designed to be "a fun, creative activity for youngsters and give parents a little break while they get ready for the holidays". Well, it certainly ticks all the right boxes there. I was able to leave them to get on with it while I went off to give Pierre a feed - something I'm not usually keen on doing in case they click on a dodgy link that takes them somewhere kid-unfriendly, but this website is well thought-out with no dodgy adverts or outside links.

I could hear the girls giggling away at the man talking really fast and the odd sound effect, so I knew they were having fun and managing to do what was needed. When I came back to the computer, they proudly showed me all over again what they'd been doing !

The girls have never seen a real panto so they were in hysterics over the funny costumes and accessories. When we have a bit more time, they've said they would even like to dress up and play at doing their own panto in their bedroom - that's got to be worth a laugh ! Definitely sounds like a home video that will need dragging out in front of their mates in about ten years time to embarrass them !!

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