Thursday 12 November 2009

Nubie - Modern Kids Boutique

"Nubie is a one stop shop for all things modern for your little one. It showcases fresh high-quality designs for kids of all ages enabling families to create that cool and contemporary look from one source." Well, that may be true but what I absolutely love is that they have so much retro stuff !

They have the wooden toys I remember playing with years ago - minus the lead-based paint and goodness knows what else that nobody ever used to worry about back then but would be outlawed today ! The best part about buying retro toys that make you all nostalgic is that you have as much fun playing with them as baby, so baby gets loads of extra quality-time playing with mum and dad. It stops being a chore (don't get me wrong, I love playing with the kids but pushing plastic shapes through holes and hearing the same 10-note electronic melody over and over again gets boring after a while !) and starts being a trip down memory lane. Look at these blasts from the past. I remember the Brio train set from infant school but back then, you had to fight off loads of little boys who smelt of wee - now you could have one in your own front room ! And I'm sure I had a pull-along duck just like that when I was small !
Pierre's got the Brio stacking clown and it's as pretty as it is educational so it's out on show as decoration in the nursery when he's not playing with it (umm OK, at the moment it's mainly me playing with it !). When he is a little bit older and has worked out how to stack as well as grab things, it'll be much more hardwearing than the modern plastic versions. So, got that ? Nubie is the place to go for toys that are chunky, funky and great fun for little monkeys ! And the wooden toys are totally Brio-lliant ! (I should get a job in advertising !!)

It's not just toys though - they have a whole range of funky clothes for boys and girls aged 0-5. When I found out I was expecting a baby boy, loads of people told me "awww you'll see, there's hardly any choice for cool boys' clothes and everything's always green and brown, there aren't all the pretty colours like for girls". Well, they obviously haven't looked on here. I love the wellies and slippers - and you can even go for extra coolness by coordinating the wellies and the raincoat !

They have really useful items too, like these funky ape coat hangers (I really wanted to put funky gibbon then !) and almost everything that I have spotted and totally fallen in love with looks unique - I've certainly never seen any of these products on the high street, nor in any of the other online baby stores I've looked in.

The website is really well laid-out, with everything split up into boys' and girls' goodies, as well as by age and area of the house (bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, nursery, outdoors, playroom and storage). Oh and don't forget, "gifts" and "sales" - where you can find even more lovely ideas for things to add to your Christmas list. The gifts section even has categories for mum and dad and I bet you're thinking, as I was, that it must all cost a fortune. Well, there's a category for "£10 or less" in the gifts section so you don't have to break the bank to find a lovely present for someone (or yourself).
Am I too old for sending a wishlist to Santa ? I promise I'll be very very good for the rest of the year !!

star rating : 5/5 ( I want it all !!!)

For more info and to buy online, go to

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