Thursday 26 November 2009

Tinti - Bathtime fun for kids

I'm always getting in trouble with Mike for focusing more on playing than on washing at bathtime (for the girls, not me, in case you were wondering !) but that probably comes from my childhood memories of Matey bubblebath when the advert was "clean kids, clean bath, clean fun" and you got clean while you played without having to do much scrubbing ! These days, the girls are 8 and 4 but still laugh hysterically when we sing "Here come the Rubbadubbas Splish Splash Splish Splosh" and play endless games of "here comes the sponge and it's going to do a big weewee on your head" ! I know it's childish but if it gets their hair washed with no whingeing, I'm game ! So these Tinti bath products are right up my street.

The Bath Foam is brilliant fun. You can spray it on your hair or body and make silly punky hairstyles or draw foamy patterns on your body before washing it off. It doesn't stain the skin or, just as importantly, the bath - but if you go slightly mad and use loads, you will find it tends to stay on the top of the bathwater so you might need a quick squirt of clean water with the shower attachment before you get out of the bath if you don't want coloured foam on your towels ! It comes in red or green and smells lovely and fruity.

I was slightly concerned about Sophie having a reaction as she tends to get mild eczema with certain bath products, but she was fine. It's actually quite a natural product, believe it or not. "Tinti offer a range of fun coloured bath products, which have been specifically designed for children of three years and upwards. They have been specially formulated by a company called Heidelberger Naturfarben, who strives to create colours which are made from renewable sources such as blossoms, leaves, fruits and roots. In creating these colours, Heidelberger Naturfarben employs new plant ingredients as well as traditional colouring agents that have been used as dyes for centuries. Tinti contains no preservatives or SLS, is bio-degradable, and free from all known allergenic fragrances. All products are soap free and dermatologically tested, and 100% good clean fun !" The bath foam also contains calendula and panthenol which are apparently good for soothing and protecting the skin.

If used on the hair, the product is said to have the "added advantage of leaving hair tangle-free and easier to comb". It's true that the girls hair was shiny and knot-free, but I had used shampoo and conditioner beforehand. It's actually a shame it doesn't double up as a shampoo. It's very handy for making sure hair is thoroughly rinsed though, as the girls - especially Juliette - don't particularly enjoy the rinsing part when the water goes in their eyes. This way, I could point out that they still had bogey-hair (we were testing the green foam !) and needed to wash out this or that bit. Zero whingeing !

The Bathwater Colours were slightly less entertaining. The girls are used to using all sort of bath smellies, including bubble bath and bath confetti, so they were a bit underwhelmed because there were no bubbles. It did make the water go a much darker colour than with our usual bubblebath though and, as you get three tablets of three different colours (red, blue and yellow), you can have fun turning the water from yellow to green or purple (you might want to break the tablets in half if you do this though, to make them last a bit longer !).

There are other options in the Tinti range that sound good fun - Crackling Bath Pops, Painting Soap, Bath Confetti, Magic Bath Bombs (with a sea creature-shaped sponge that pops out when it's dissolved, how cool is that ?!), Tooth Foam, A Magic Wand (to use with the colour changing tablets so it look likes you're making it change by magic !), plus an Octopus Tub Toy and a Bath Puzzle.

Just remember to add some extra hot water in because they'll want to stay in the bath for so long, the water will go cold !

star rating : 4/5

Tinti Bathwater Colours : £2.99 for 3 pack and £6.50 for 9 pack
Tinti Bath Foam : £3.75
Tinti Crackling Bath Pops available in 3 pack for £2.99 or 6 pack for £4.75

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  1. the products are such fantastic !!!

    thanks for review

    my favourite are Tinti Painting Soap and Tinti Bath Foam


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