Wednesday 25 November 2009

Nuby 3 Stage Natural Nurser - Breast Size Nipple / No Spill Spout

I've just written a glowing review of the Nuby Natural Touch Softflex Silicone Nurser, a product that really made my life easier in getting Pierre used to drinking from a bottle which is something that will be indispensable when I return to the world of work in a couple of weeks. (Boo, hiss ! Although I do only go back for a week before getting a fortnight off for Christmas so I can't really complain !!)
Well, this 3-stage nurser is the logical progression. It has the same Natural Touch breast-sized nipple that mimics the shape, feel and function of a mother's breast (honestly !!) or you can swap over to a no-spill spout. I haven't actually tested the spout yet because Pierre gets on absolutely fine with the teat, but if you're worried about nipple-confusion (babies who won't breastfeed any more once they've tried a bottle) or want to get older babies on to the next feeding stage, you could give it a try.

As Pierre has literally only drunk out of a bottle about 4 times, I thought it would be a total waste of time trying out the detachable handles but I was totally gobsmacked when he reached out and grabbed hold of them then continued to hold on to them and feed by himself. He's only 4 months old - is he going to be a child genius ?! But when I was breastfeeding him later, I noticed that he grabs hold of both sides of my boob as he's drinking so I suppose it just mimics this action. It might be more reassuring for babies to have something to hold on to, so they feel more secure and in control.

In any case, as you can see in these photos taken just this morning, Pierre gets on absolutely fine. There have been no spills, no colic, no bottles falling on the floor and, although I keep a very close eye on him in case he regurgitates milk or swallows too fast and chokes, the fact that he can feed himself frees up my hands so I can deal with dinner or the washing up at the same time.

Well done Pierre ! What are you going to think up next to impress Mummy ?!

star rating : 5/5

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  1. Wow! These look fab! My daughter is 5 months and doesn't take to a bottle very well so I've decided not to bother expressing for the time being. I would obviously like my boobs back at some point (even if its just for a few hours) so I'll keep my eye out for these.


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