Wednesday 4 November 2009

Noiseless Fireworks from Twenga

"Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot... "

... Unless, that is, you have babies, small children or pets (or even a neurotic mother-in-law !) who cringe every time a rocket goes whoosh and go into full-scale panic mode when the bangers start !

Luckily, there are some really pretty fireworks available that make you go oooooh and aaaah but won't terrorise those of a frail disposition ! Some of them have got real wow-factor and I could see them being a wonderful addition to a wedding celebration or birthday bash. Or do what the French do and set off some fireworks at midnight on New Year's Eve - the cold air wakes everyone up and the party kicks off again afterwards !

Some of these fireworks are really original and I've never seen them anywhere in the shops. Luckily,, "the most comprehensive shopping comparison website", has done all the searching for you and you can find them all on one website. "With over 1,600 products offered from over 200 retailers listed on, you will be spoilt for choice." Here's my pick of the bunch but there are many many other options available so go and see for yourselves !

First up - and I got unreasonably excited about this ! - they have Indoor Fireworks ! Wow, that's such a blast from the past !! I remember running from the room when the smoke bombs went a bit berserk and giggling uncontrollably when the ash snakes spurted out all over the tablecloth ! They have probably tamed them down a bit since then, as it says on the website : "Indoor fireworks have been unavailable for some years, in part due to legislation issues. However this new range has been tested and approved by HSE and complies to EN14035 and/or BS7114. Heavy codes, man." Each pack costs £9.99 and has 20 fireworks, including many of the old faves. If you've got kids, they'll love them !

Next up, one with real wow-factor that'll make your little kids go "oooh pwetty !" are Sky Glo-Lanterns. "These Glo-lanterns are like mini hot airballons and float slowly up into the sky, creating an amazing effect when launched in groups. They are used in Thailand all year round for celebrations and other special occasions are considered good luck and a symbol of all your problems and worries floating away. Available in a range of different shapes, and constructed from flame-retardant bio-degradable paper, these are both safe for the user and the environment." If it's anything like the old Paratrooper ones, as kids we used to spend the days after Bonfire Night scouring the back gardens for the little plastic soldiers and their parachutes !

Speaking of wow-factor, how about setting off a firework that will fill the night sky with heart-shaped flashes ? Now that would be a really cool backdrop for a marriage proposal !!

Sparklers - that timeless classic - have always half-terrified, half-mesmerised kids and these days they come in cool shapes too. If you're letting small kids hold them, remember the gloves to protect their hands and keep a bucket of water handy to dispose of the hot sticks. Or stay indoors and put them on a cake or ice cream for a safer and equally impressive display !

And if you like gadgets, how about some 3D Fireworks Glasses ? "Bring your fireworks alive and offer your guests a unique experience with these dazzling eye-opening glasses. Suitable for both children and adults, even the most simple source of light will become a source of wonder when wearing these, enhancing any firework display and even sparklers." Just running around with silly glasses on will keep the kids amused while you try to get damp fireworks lit in the drizzle !!

That should be plenty to keep you going, but if there's something else you're itching to find - like enormous rockets or really loud bangers ! - go and have a look on twenga, they seem to sell everything so you're pretty much guaranteed to find whatever you're looking for !

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