Thursday 19 November 2009

Easystic Wall Art Stickers

The loft conversion is almost finished and Sophie is about fit to burst because she can't wait any longer to move into her new bedroom ! To help her bide her time while the last bits are done, we put up her cool ballerina wall art sticker this weekend. It was our first time using these stickers so we weren't sure what it would come out like but it's brilliant.

We chose this sticker at easystic, "the expert in wall decoration". It took us ages to choose because not only are there a huge range of designs - anything from American cars to Japanese flowers, the Empire State Building and baby pandas ! - but also you can personalise them to the very last detail by choosing the size and colour you want. Just a quick glance through the list of categories gives you an idea of how huge and diversified their range is - Atmospheres : Paris, Nature, Noah's Ark, For youngsters, Suitable for age 7-77, Journeys, Music, Oooh scary ! and

Spirit of the times : Baroque, retro, pop, urban, Japanese-inspired and movies. You can also search by room if you're looking for inspiration and, with the wide range available, you're bound to find some !

The stickers are delivered rolled into a sturdy tube which is itself inside a cardboard box, so they are very well protected. The day after our order was placed, we received an email giving us our tracking number and the very next day, it was delivered to our door. How's that for speedy delivery ?! What took the longest was actually choosing the design we wanted in the first place !

We decided to stick this sticker on one of the slanty walls, as the big problem of decorating a converted loft is that you can't hang picture frames on walls that slope ! Having read the instructions and the warnings about air bubbles, I was a bit worried we'd mess it up but it was dead easy ! If you've ever stuck a temporary tattoo transfer on to your kid's skin, it's the same idea. You rub over the sticker with the scraper that is supplied (to help ease it off the protective paper), carefully peel off this paper, stick it on the wall (four hands are easier than two for this delicate step !), rub over it again to make sure it's firmly stuck then gently pull off the sticky backing. And that's it ! Even thought this was our first ever attempt, there wasn't a single air bubble !

Having looked a bit closer at the website, this success story is more down to the quality of the stickers than our expertise ! "Our wall stickers are made to measure in our workshops from a very flexible, matt quality plastic film that has been specifically designed and developed for interior wall decoration. It clings perfectly to surface contours. The exceptional quality of the material ensures that it is very easy to apply and guarantees that it can be removed without a trace. The adhesive has been designed so that it doesn't polymerise and can be easily removed, even several years later, with no glue residue. ... It's ideal on all smooth surfaces : paint, metal, varnish, laminates, glass, plastic, ...".

I'm sorry but there is no way I'm testing the fact that it can be removed without a trace - Sophie would kill me because she loves it so much !

star rating : 5/5

RRP (for this design) : €31

Although the site is currently only available in French, the stickers can be delivered anywhere in the world.

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