Tuesday 3 November 2009

Ryman Refillable Bag

So what it this season's must-have accessory ? Now that the Christmas-shopping season is almost upon us, forget the L.B.D (Little Black Dress) and go for the B.B.B. (Big Black Bag) ! I know, a shopping bag is just a shopping bag, right ? Well yes, but as shopping bags go, this is a very good one.
First of all, it is huge ! It's no bigger than a supermarket Bag-for-Life to carry but you can fit so much into it. It must work using the same scientific technology as Doctor Who's Tardis !
Secondly, it stands up by itself. Not that big a deal but some of that "festive spirit" is closely linked to "wines and spirits" so having a bag full of bottles that won't fall over on the bus on the way home is a very good thing !
I love the plastic rods in the handles that make it really comfortable to carry when it's heavy. No more plastic handles digging into your hands or, worse, snapping on the way home. It also makes unpacking the shopping a breeze because the top of the bag stays open so you don't have to keep fighting with the handles getting in the way.
I'm not sure what the material is - it feels like a kind of plasticky canvas - but I can tell you it's hardwearing and splashproof. It won't survive an absolute downpour but then would you really want to be out in a downpour ? You'd be shop-hopping, and it can cope with that.
Best of all, it's only 99p and there's not a lot you can buy for under a quid these days !
star rating : 5/5
available at Ryman's, instore and on line
RRP : £0.99

1 comment:

  1. I like the fact that it stands up by itself. And the plastic rods in the handles that make it really comfortable to carry when it's heavy sounds good too! You have convinced me to try this!


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