Monday 2 November 2009

Ryman's - Children's Fun Range of Arty Stuff

Did you know ... It will be Christmas, in 52 days, 2 hours, 48 minutes, 15 seconds ! In fact, less than that since I started typing this sentence ! You can watch the countdown in real time online. Only 52 days, 2 hours, 43 minutes, and 38 seconds now ! I have to stop looking or I'll start hyperventilating !

Can you tell I love Christmas ? I have the double album of cheesy Christmas hits in the CD player from the end of November onwards and I already have most of my Christmas pressies - and the wrapping paper - stashed away in a cupboard ! I'm getting all excited just thinking about it !

But the absolute best part of the whole festive season is getting the kids involved in the run up to the big day. Whatever I can do to get them involved (and just a teensy bit over-excited !), I'll do it - cutting up toy catalogues to make a collage-letter to Santa, making homemade mince pies and peppermint creams, covering eggbox sections in silver foil to make bells to hang on the tree, spraying fake-snow snowflakes on the windows ... and that old favourite, making Christmas cards for the nannies and grandads. I know loads of people are into cardmaking these days but I'm not talking about things that come out looking almost shop-bought. I'm talking about the cute snowman drawings and Santa paintings that will be stashed away in keepsake boxes and dragged out in years to come when you're feeling nostalgic (or you want to embarrass your now-grown-up kids in front of their new boy/girlfriend !!)

The ultimate arts and crafts accessory during the festive season has got to be glitter. Yes I know it makes a mess but so do pine needles and they're an integral part of the whole Christmas experience too ! All that glitters isn't gold ... but if you're aged 8 and 4, it is a lot of fun !

The Fun Range of kiddies art supplies at Rymans has everything you could possibly need, all in very kid-friendly packaging (think big pots that aren't easy to knock over and chunky brushes for little fingers to hold on to easily). There's even an apron for some damage limitation ! And it's all so cheap you don't have to worry about using LOADS of paint and EVEN BIGGER LOADS of glitter because at these pocket-money prices, when it's all gone you can just buy some more !

Go on, buy the whole lot - you know you want to ! Oh no, hang on, that should be I know I want to !!

big glittery silver-foil covered star rating : 5/5 !

Fun Paint Palette and Brush £1.99
Fun Range Pack of 6 Poster Paints £2.99
Fun Range Apron £2.99
Fun Range Pack 3 Paint Brushes £1.99
Fun Range 6Pk Glitter Tubs £2.49

available at Ryman, in store or online here :

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