Thursday 5 November 2009

Vosene Kids head lice repellent range

Aaagghh headlice - just saying the word out loud is enough to make you itch ! Pretty much all parents will have to deal with them at some time or another - just today, when I dropped the girls off at school, the "headlice alert - please check your child's head" signs were stuck to the window. Well, prevention is definitely better than cure so the Vosene Kids headlice repellent shampoo and spray could be the solution.

The 3-in-1 leave-in headlice repellent spray smells very strongly of lemon and lime - so strong in fact that it made my eyes water ! If it has that effect on someone human-sized, I would imagine it's so strong it makes the headlice jump off your head to escape ! There is even a warning on the bottle : "The tea-tree aroma may affect epilepsy or acute asthma sufferers". See ? I wasn't joking about it being strong !

The smell is slightly chemical but is not a smell that you would associate with a headlice treatment so you don't have to worry about everyone knowing ! Sophie quite rightly said that it smells like mosquito repellent so I had a guess at citronella being on the list of ingredients. Wrong - it's actually tea tree oil and lemon eucalyptus. Hmm eucalyptus ? Maybe that's what makes your eyes water and clears out your nasal passages then !

It's 3-in-1 because - according to the pack - it defends, conditions and shines. It's not to be used on children under the age of 3. You just spray it on to damp washed hair and massage it into the scalp or on to dry hair between washes. For best results, you should use it once a day.
It's not something I'd use on a daily basis because the smell is so strong, it puts me off (I'd be worried of having a headache) but if your child is prone to picking up headlice, or you've seen some nits on the hair, I would definitely recommend it. I'm convinced the lice would jump off like rats deserting a sinking ship !!

The 3-in-1 conditioning shampoo has the same lemony scent but it's nowhere near as strong. It smells just like any normal shampoo with a strong smell, not at all chemical or medicated. It's a shampoo that can be used by the whole family - unlike the leave-in spray, there are no warnings for epileptics, asthma-sufferers or the under 3's. The big 400ml bottle with a handy pump-dispenser is on the side of the bath, along with a couple of other opened bottles of shampoo, and everyone seems to be using this one by choice. I'd be happy to use it as the girls' regular shampoo, even without the added bonus of the headlice repellent, because it leaves their hair lovely and soft and is easy to rinse out.

Despite my initial reaction to the spray, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the products contain totally natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Vosene has over 50 years experience so they are a brand I trust. According to their research, 8/10 kids are protected against headlice while using Vosene Kids, 9/10 parents would recommend it and 10/10 parents find it easy to use. That all sounds pretty believable to me, having used the products.

star rating :
5/5 for the shampoo
4/5 for the spray

shampoo £2.55 for 250ml,
spray £2.99 for 150ml

The Vosene Kids range is available from selected Boots, Tesco, Asda and independent chemists.

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