Thursday 26 November 2009

Bentley Organic - Toy Sanitizer & Hand Sanitizer

I've always worked on the assumption that a bit of grime and contact with a few germs does kids good because it helps build up their immune system. I've never been one for sterilising bottles, dummies or teething rings because I breastfeed and I certainly don't sterilise my boobs before each feed so it seems a bit pointless ! But that was before swine flu made an appearance and gave me the heebie-jeebies. I don't know what to believe and what not to believe any more, so if all it takes is a quick squirt of something organic and harmless, then why not ? Especially as we've decided not to go for the swine flu vaccines.

Bentley Organic is the perfect solution. The toy sanitizer is made with 90% organic ingredients (I have to admit, that does make me wonder about the other 10% though !) and is certified "organic standard" by The Soil Association. It's free from harmful chemicals, is environmentally and child-friendly but kills over 99.9% of all household germs. I must admit, I thought only bleach and other highly toxic and potentially dangerous substances could be that effective.

"A pleasure to use, simply mist this citrus-based spray on toys and play surfaces and allow 30 seconds before wiping clean. Bentley Organic Toy Sanitizer leaves no residue or heavy scent." It does smell really nice and fresh and not at all chemical and it certainly doesn't make your eyes water like some harsher products of the same kind. Just a word of warning though - be careful what you use to wipe clean. It's pointless sanitising things then using a filthy cloth or tea-towel to wipe them "clean" or you'll just be wiping germs around again !

It can be used to clean all hard washable surfaces - personally, for me, I use it to squirt on the high chair, table mats and the girls' flower table - but once I've wiped it down and my clean cloth is damp with the product, I wipe over anything that doesn't move, partly for the sanitising aspect but just as much because it smells so nice and clean ! Plus I've seen the TV reports about the hidden nasties lurking on computer keyboards !

Another product that can help knock out harmful germs before they find their way into your mouth or nose is the Hand Sanitizer. Like the Toy Sanitizer, it is 90% organic and kills 99.9% of germs on contact. As well as being anti-bacterial, it is also moisturising, so that's an added bonus in this colder weather. "Alcohol, paraben and fragrance free, this easily-absorbed foam contains 27% organic Aloe Vera, leaving your hands clean and conditioned without stickiness or residue. Simply pump once onto the palms and rub together until dry." Well, I tried it and it really does disappear into nothing. One pump action spits out a big blob of foam (I thought it would be way too much but it was just right), you rub your hands for 5 seconds to cover all the skin then it just disappears - no greasiness, no moisture, not even any smell at all. Amazing !

This will definitely be going into Sophie's schoolbag. At the beginning of term, they did a big lesson on swine flu and germs. The golden rule was, wash your hands often with soap and warm water. At breaktime, they all piled out to the playground and headed to the toilets to wash their hands (they're only 8, they still listen to the teacher and do as they're told !) and ... there was no soap anywhere ! So the teacher advised them to ask mum to buy a hand sanitizer. As I said above, I'm far from being a germ-freak but Sophie thinks it'll give her extra Brownie points with the teacher if she takes one in. There have been some horror stories circulating around on the net about children becoming dangerously ill after licking their hands that have alcohol-based hand sanitizer on them. This one is alcohol free so there's no chance of that happening.

It comes in a 50ml bottle, small enough to fit in your handbag or even a pocket, but contains enough for 125 applications. I might actually use one myself when I go back to work because kids are notorious for sneezing and coughing all over everything without putting their hands in front of their mouths so I bet my classroom will be full of germs just waiting for me to bring them home at the end of the day !

star rating : 5/5

Bentley Organic Toy Sanitizer RRP: £5.00 for 500ml, available at Jo Jo Maman Bebe stores and catalogue.

Bentley Organic Anti Bacterial Moisturising Hand Sanitizer RRP: £2.99 for 50ml.

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